Kick Off Your Interop ITX Experience With Our Summits and Workshops

Held on Monday and Tuesday, these long-form programs are designed to provide you with additional opportunities for immersive and in-depth education. View our summits and workshops in the conference agenda.

Nearly half of large enterprises are already experimenting with artificial intelligence applications, and there’s increasing pressure to do more. But even with all the hype, you're probably underestimating the value that AI can potentially offer to your company in the decades to come. The AI Summit at Interop ITX will explore how AI and machine learning have the potential to transform the way we interact with our existing and future enterprise systems. AI-enabled technologies are surprisingly easy to integrate into your own enterprise, and can unlock how and why systems operate, providing insight into what elements should be measured and monitored to achieve optimal performance or improvement.  

You'll learn about the practical applications of AI, deep learning, and machine learning for traditional businesses and find out how to move from theorizing about what you might do with AI to integrating it as part of day-to-day business. You'll hear from businesses that are already making a successful leap into this exciting new world and come away with concrete advice on how you can begin to implement a successful AI strategy at your own company.

Produced by the Dark Reading Editorial Team. The Security Pro Summit is an opportunity for IT security professionals to take a deeper dive into cybersecurity defense, learning from experts about advanced methods for detecting and responding to new threats. At the Security Pro Summit, attendees will go beyond cybersecurity basics to learn about practical, usable methods for detecting and responding to online attacks in an enterprise. Attendees will not only gain insight from top experts on how security teams can handle emerging exploits and vulnerabilities, but also get an in-depth look at real-life tools and best practices they can bring back and use in their own IT security departments. 

Topics that will be discussed:

  • Keynote: “Why Security Departments Fail – And How to Be Sure It Doesn’t Happen to You”
  • Improving Threat Analysis and Implement Threat Hunting Practices
  • Optimizing Vulnerability Detection and Remediation
  • Getting Better Performance From Your Security Operations Center
  • Using Orchestration and Automation to Maximize IT Security Resources
  • Rethinking Identity and Access Management Processes and Tools
  • How AI and Machine Learning Can Improve Security Processes
  • New Methods For Prioritizing and Automating the Patch Management Process
  • Using Network Segmentation As a Method of Data Defense

The Security Pro Summit is an opportunity to hear from top experts and your peers about practical methods for building and expanding your tools and processes for enterprise data defense. The Summit is designed to dig deeper into practical IT security strategies and processes than is possible at most conferences, and to help attendees meet peers and colleagues who can share tips and best practices as well.

Produced by the Dark Reading Editorial Team. Every day, your IT organization is abuzz with news of new hacks, breaches, and cybersecurity vulnerabilities and it's up to your IT organization to prevent them from affecting your business. In practice, however, many IT departments work in silos. You might know a great deal about IT, but do you really know everything you should about the current cybersecurity environment and emerging threats?

In this two-day Interop ITX summit program, the Dark Reading editorial team and some of the industry’s top cybersecurity experts will offer a crash course in what you need to know about data security and the dangers faced by your organization. You’ll get “speed reads” on each key area of security, providing you with the essential elements your organization should know about cyber defense, as well as an overview of the latest exploits. You'll get insight on how to detect a compromise of your IT environment, and recommendations on how to respond. Best of all, you’ll have an opportunity to ask the experts the key questions you must answer in your environment – in a supportive, collegial setting where there are no dumb questions. 

There has never been a better time to be an IT leader. However, the leadership philosophies and skills that got you here are not going to allow you to be successful in a world of increased complexity, rising expectations, and accelerating change. In this two-day event, you'll hear from successful IT executives about practical, real world strategies they have used to create business value. You'll also learn about frameworks, tools and best practices for leading your organization up the IT maturity curve.