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Interop Digital provides IT professionals a unified place to connect, learn and discover the latest and most valuable IT strategies. Throughout 2021 we'll offer industry-specific trainings, certification courses, and conference topics designed to help you strategize, network and learn and discover solution providers to help you advance your career and drive your business forward.

Cybersecurity's Changing Role in IT

The Critical Next Steps in IT’s Evolution – and How Cybersecurity Will Fit In

April 29, 2021 | FREE Admission

No matter how your enterprise's IT organization is evolving, security will play a crucial role in your strategy. Whether you're undergoing digital transformation, adding capabilities for remote workers, moving toward the cloud, implementing 5G networks, or taking a "Shift Left" approach to application development, you will need to make critical decisions about cybersecurity tools, techniques, and practices. In this event, you'll have an opportunity to look at today's most formative IT trends from a security point of view.

This event is an opportunity to learn about the security implications of today's most important IT trends. You'll learn how security considerations affect the way your enterprise works with cloud service providers, how to secure the huge base of remote endpoints, how to add security to the DevOps direction, just to name a few.

The Definitive Guide to an Effective IT Automation Strategy

An Interop Automation Event

June 15, 2021 | FREE Admission

IT leaders are looking toward the future with a mix of inspiration and trepidation as they consider how they can further automate their enterprise technologies and processes and give their businesses a chance to catapult ahead competitively and become more agile.

We'll explore the options available to IT leaders to better understand not only ways to automate, but also how to intelligently plan the strategy to avoid costly overruns and complexities in implementation. After all, winging it or automating piecemeal processes or departments without a careful and comprehensive plan can ironically lead to business slowdowns and soaring expenses. IT automation is a broad, all-encompassing effort that involves networking, security, operations, business processes, cloud computing, software development, and so much more, so sifting through all the details and crafting a strategy that’s right for your business involves understanding all the parts and including the right stakeholders. Before embarking on your own IT automation effort, join us and our expert speakers to learn about the latest tools, best practices, and pitfalls to avoid. 

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