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Whether you're looking to increase reliability or speed, or drive down cost, the Network Automation Summit is your best source for the expertise and coaching you need to take your automation strategy to the next level. We'll break down key concepts and tools while examining how organizations have transformed culturally to fully embrace network automation. Over two information packed days we'll compare and contrast network automation tools, dive into the nuts and bolts of development strategies, and explore network automation architecture and design.

New this year, based on your feedback, the Network Automation Summit will provide a rich mix of curriculum to give network automation novices a fast start and put veterans on the cutting edge to accelerate their strategies.

In plenary sessions you’ll hear from engineers and leaders who have successfully deployed network automation and are already reaping critical benefits. These general sessions will be geared towards all members of our audience, whether you're new to automation or a seasoned pro. These sessions include:

Welcome & State of Network Automation
Jason Edelman (Founder and CTO, Network to Code)
In this session we'll discuss what a Network Automation Platform is and why it's important to plan the architecture of your network automation system as a platform instead of building individual power tools.

Network Automation Architecture: Platform vs Power Tools
Damien Garros (Managing Director, Network to Code)
In this session we'll discuss what a Network Automation Platform is and why it's important to plan the architecture of your network automation system as a platform instead of building individual power tools.

Managing Network Automation
The role of a network engineering manager has changed dramatically over the last few years in an attempt to keep pace with the ever-changing network engineering field. Transformations like this do not just happen by accident, they are intentional. This session will deal with those intentional decisions.

Automate Your Network Maintenances
Network maintenances are difficult to keep track of. Cancellations, reschedules, and emergency maintenances from various transits can leave you wondering what the latest status is and whether or not the maintenance is still happening. This talk shows you an easier way to manage your maintenances.

Systemd: Scheduling for NetDevOps
Stephen Kiely (Network Automation Engineer, Network to Code)
Many have heard of and use Cron for running automation tasks, but what if you needed your application to run as a service? Or what if your application needed to run every startup? Running your app or playbook as a systemd service allows additional flexibility beyond the limited scope of Cron.

How We Built an Automated Data Center Network in Less than 6 Months
Hank Preston
(NetDevOps Engineer, Cisco DevNet)
They say timing is everything, and our team knows how true that is. While in the process of deploying NetDevOps and network automation across our existing network, we decided to build a new one - and it had to happen in less than 6 months. Our motto was to, "Innovate up to the point of panic," and we decided to see how much we could transform the architecture and operations for a fully automated network. We’ll share how we decided what parts of the network to focus on, approached the challenge of designing both a new architecture, AND automated with new tooling before a single rack was powered up. Spoiler alert, not everything we wanted to do made the cut, and we'll share lessons learned and where we go next. There will be a demo of multi-domain automation spanning networking across networking, compute, virtualization, and security.

NetBox Custom Scripts & Plugins
John Anderson (Principal Consultant, Network to Code)
A demo of using Custom Scripts in NetBox to implement custom business logic that extends the NetBox feature set. The talk will briefly cover what Custom Scripts can do and why one would choose to use them in certain use cases. The demo will center around 2-3 use cases that are hands on.

Organizational Change for Network Automation
Bryan Culver (Managing Consultant, Network to Code)

Game Show
Hank Preston 
(NetDevOps Engineer, Cisco DevNet)
Everyone is learning network automation and programmability, but can you handle the pressure when the clock is ticking? In the Network Automation Game Show, contestants are given the chance to show off their knowledge on topics such as Python, Ansible, NETCONF/YANG, Source of Truth, and more!

Getting Started Track

This is the ideal track if you're in the beginning of your network automation journey and are looking to get a better idea on how many of these tools and technologies fit together within a network automation landscape.

Talks include:

Network Automation Tools & Technology

Introduction to Ansible for Network Automation
Hector Isaza
(Network Automation Engineer and Trainer, Network to Code)
Ansible by Red Hat continues to gain momentum as a core platform used for network automation.  It can automate network and security devices, but also orchestrate SDN controllers and platforms such as Forward Networks, Cisco ACI, NSO, DNAC, VMware NSX, and any SD-WAN platform just to name a few! This session provides a brief introduction to Ansible for network automation highlighting what is possible automating common repetitive tasks writing Ansible playbooks that take less than one-hour to write to start to make an impact on your day to day network operations!

Introduction to Python Network Libraries (Netmiko, NAPALM, Nornir, and more)

Understanding CI/CD in Networking Context
Josh VanDeraa (Network Automation Engineer, Network to Code)

Introduction to Source of Truth & NetBox

Introduction to Network Importer

Introduction to Batfish for Automated Network Testing & Verification

Using NetBox Custom Reports

How to Get Started with Network Automation

Advanced Track

In this track network automation practitioners will reveal the details of the robust solutions they've put in place to enhance network operations. You'll hear how Nornir is used to solve operational challenges and how the ELK stack can be used for network data analysis. We'll take a deep dive into Ansible collections and learn how Systemd can be used within your Network DevOps strategy. Finally, we'll dive deep into the world of data exploring how to manage network data and Source of Truth with NetBox, Dolt, and Graph Databases.

Talks include:

Deep Dive on Ansible Collections for Network Automation
Ganesh B. Nalawade (Principal Engineer, Red Hat)
Ansible collection is the future of Ansible content delivery. This talk will cover extending Ansible to work with new network platforms by talking about how one can create a new collection, write multiple network plugins within the collection and distributing it using galaxy.

Nornir: Solve Big Problems Fast
Brett Lykins (Senior Network Automation Consultant, Network to Code)
Nornir is an extremely powerful Python automation framework. It is Python from top to bottom; made to be used by Python, for Python, and in Python. If you’re sick of learning a new pseudo-language or writing logic into YAML files, just to automate a simple task, Nornir is for you.

Network as Code
Federico Olivieri (Network Automation Engineer, Ticketmaster)
Modern approach to old NetOps issues. How classic software developer tools are applied to Networking How to enforce compliance policies to and entire Network "Click and Forget" network provisioning.

Test Automation in a Networking World
Nick Keating
 (Network Engineer, Telstra)
The journey to build, implement and maintain a test automation framework in a large, multivendor network testing lab for one of Australia’s largest Telco’s. Lots of info exists about automation tools and concepts in our industry, but little around their implementation in the network testing space.

Network Data Analysis with Elastic Stack
Eric Chou (Principal Engineer, A10 Networks)
In this talk, we will see how we can use the Elastic Stack to ingest network data from different sources, normalize, index, and ultimately answer the questions we have in mind.

Extract the Source of Truth From Your Network With the Network Importer

Next-Generation Network as Code
Ken Celenza (Vice President of Professional Services, Network to Code)
Infrastructure as Code has fundamentally changed how networks are managed, but came at the cost of using traditional databases. Combining the features of version control (git) with relational databases will provide the next generation of managing data and the intent of your network infrastructure.

Practical Source of Truth: Examples of Why and How to Interact With a Graph Database

Validating Network High Availability With Batfish
Rick Donato 
(Senior Network Automation Consultant, Network to Code)
HA compliance is vital to any network to ensure that network service can continue at the point of failure within the network. However, this task can be lengthy, with the various components involved such as links and nodes, along with being able to validate the expected behaviour of flows. In this talk, we'll show how Batfish can be used to automate this process, by modelling a multi-vendor environment and simulating network failure across various nodes and links.

Extract the SOT From Your Network With the Network Importer
Damien Garros (Managing Director, Network to Code)
Building a SOT for your existing network can be very challenging if you don’t have the right tool to properly extract at first and calculate the drift between your network and your SOT over time. This session will present the network-importer, an open source tool designed to help with this problem