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A Series of Digital Events for IT Professionals to Connect, Learn, and Discover 

Interop Digital enables the IT community to discover the newest, most valuable technology strategies for their organizations through cutting-edge and unbiased content. Become a sponsor to engage a captive, targeted audience of qualified IT professionals who need new insights and solutions to lead their organization's digital transformation. Get a sneak peek at sponsorship packages today!

Attendee Profile

Fill Your Sales Pipeline With Engaged, Open-Minded Strategic Technologists

Here's what you need to know about Interop Digital attendees: 

  • Actively looking for new solutions: IT pros look to Interop Digital with the specific goal of finding new strategies, tactics, and solutions unconstrained by vendor lock-in.
  • Vested interest in learning: Connect with technologists who take their education seriously. Interop Digital attendees are vested in understanding the new options available and how they might affect their technology environments; how to assimilate all the elements and systems that digital business requires; and how to succeed as leaders in a business environment increasingly led by technology.

2022 Virtual Events

In partnership with: InformationWeek • ITPro Today • Network Computing

Protecting the Data-Drive Enterprise: Data Security, Governance, and Privacy in the Age of Analytics

March 10, 2022

Showcase your latest data protection initiatives and how they can help businesses take advantage of the best data analytics has to offer, while still maintaining security, compliance, and customer trust.

Keynote Topic:

  • How Good Data Goes Very Very Bad

Panel Topics:

  • Data Privacy Regulation Landscape for 2022: New Pitfalls to Avoid
  • AI Attacks, Abuse and Misuse
  • Privacy Checklist for Your Next Digital Transformation Project
  • Data Governance Tools & Techniques for a Data-Driven Business
  • How Automation Can Make Data Security Easier (and Breaches Less Painful)

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Future Proofing IT for the Hybrid Workforce

May 24, 2022

Help attendees prepare for the "new normal" as they learn the latest in hybrid work trends including new technologies to better observe, support and defend users, wherever they choose to work.

Keynote Topic:

  • Optimizing Your Enterprise IT Architecture to Support Hybrid Work

Panel Topics:

  • IT Service Management Automation: Streamlining the Delivery of IT Services to Hybrid Workers
  • The Future of Work: Where Hybrid Work is Heading
  • Security for Hybrid Workforce Deployments
  • How Hybrid Work Changes Your Networking Environment
  • Meeting Equity: Giving All Users the Best Possible Collaboration Experience

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The Identity Crisis: How to Overcome Obstacles to Better Access Control

July 19, 2022

Reveal your company's latest technologies that are revolutionizing identity governance and access management, from multi-factor authentication to cloud-native identity governance, consumer identity, access management and more.

Keynote Topic:

  • Why We're Still Stuck on Passwords

Panel Topics:

  • Making Multi-Factor Authentication Work in the Real World
  • Workforce IAM: How to Seamlessly Manage Identity and Access Your Whole, Messy IT Environment
  • Customer IAM: How to Maintain Security and Access, While Reducing Friction
  • Machine Identities: Who Do All These IoT Devices Think They Are?
  • Preventing Credntial Theft: Tips for Keeping Your Enterprises' Password Stores Safe

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Enterprise Network Evolution & Modernization

September 29, 2022

Demonstrate how businesses can modernize their networks to better accomodate patients, customers, and employees wherever they reside and how to get ready to face the obstacles of new changes coming soon.

Keynote Topic:

  • Meeting the Evolving Infrastructure Requirements for Modern Business

Panel Topics:

  • Transitioning from Work-From-Home to Work-From-Anywhere
  • Sorting Out Your Connectivity Issues
  • Benefits of IT Automation
  • Building the Infrastructure for IoT
  • Monitoring, Observability, and AIOps

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Cyber Resilience in Uncertain Times

December 1, 2022

Engage with IT and security decision makers as they assess the cyber risks of today, what role insurance should play in a resilience plan, how to craft an effective incident response plan, and new factors to consider before investing in IT infrastructure.

Keynote Topic: 

  • Cyber Resilience Success & Failure: Tales from the Trenches

Panel Topics:

  • Zero Hour: What Your Cyber Incident Response Plan Should Look Like in 2023
  • The State of Cyber Insurance
  • How to Make Sure Your 'Good Backups' are Good Enough to Handle a Ransomware Attack
  • Tools & Techniques for Responding to Disaster Before it Strikes
  • How Climate Change Impacts Cyber Resilience and IT Investments

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What Attendees Are Saying

"Another amazing event from Interop Digital. I have been looking forward to events facilitated by Interop Digital as it keeps me up to date with the new trends in the market and information security in general. Great speakers and great sessions as always."

"Interop Digital unanimously has the best virtual events, webcasts, comprehensive and high value collection of white papers and reports; converging together to connect the business technology community in a way that's seamless and efficient."

"I think the event went really well and I enjoyed the virtual layout/platform. I will definitely attend next time and I have already referred the event to other colleagues."

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