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Data Management, Storage and Disaster Recovery

September 14, 2021 | FREE Admission | Earn (ISC)² CPE Credits

"You’re going to need a bigger boat." Those are sound words for anyone pursuing man-eating sharks - or managing the deluge of data flooding your organization. Data today is created at staggering rates and is increasingly unstructured and spread widely across cloud and internal resources, which makes it difficult to manage and analyze. Nevertheless, gleaning insights from data has become the linchpin for business success: Superior data management and storage is invaluable for improving everything from customer service to product development and is essential for governance and compliance. In this Interop Digital event we’ll help you navigate through the sea of the latest data and storage solutions to help you build the "better boat" you’ll need to harness and manage data today and in the future.

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Keynote | Solving for Dynamic Complexity in the World of Data Management and Storage
Dennis Hahn, Senior Analyst, Data Center Storage, Omdia

While data is growing exponentially so have new technologies for managing and storing that data. But with so much innovation, where do you direct your attention and resources? In this broad ranging keynote, we'll highlight the most important trends in data management and storage to help you determine what new products and services to put on your shopping list.

Disaster Recovery in a Dangerous World
Marc Staimer, Dragon Slayer Consulting | Pete Renneker, Deloitte

Moderator: Lisa Schmeiser, ITPro Today
Ransomware attacks and natural disasters are increasingly wreaking havoc on the smooth running of IT systems. Ditto for failed software recoveries and accidents caused by human error or broken utilities. Businesses also must protect against an expanding array of emerging cyberthreats and issues surrounding multicloud environments. This panel will discuss today's challenges and solutions for disaster recovery, along with newer options for managing DR, such as Disaster Recovery as a Service.

Cloud-Enabled vs Cloud-Native Storage: What's the Difference and Why Should I Care?
Greg Schulz, StorageIO Consulting | Alex McDonald, SNIA Cloud Storage Technologies

Moderator: Sue Troy, ITPro Today
While cloud-enabled and cloud-native storage share many attributes, there are some significant differences. Depending on your organizations culture and requirements, you might opt for one over the other — or you may need both. This session will explain why cloud-native storage is growing so rapidly and why containers are important to the future of storage. We'll also examine the latest developments in cloud-enabled storage and help you choose the best options for your organization.

Managing the Data Flood with High-Capacity Storage
JB Baker, SNIA | Steffen Hellmold, DNA Storage Alliance and Western Digital

Moderator: Karen Schwartz, ITPro Today
Data, much of it unstructured, is growing at unprecendented rates, and from so many different sources — including edge devices, video and other media, logs and sensors and social media. Technology is working hard to keep up, but it's an uphill battle. This panel will discuss some of the most promising and innovative approaches, including hyperconverged storage, computational storage and DNA data storage.

Elevating Data Management
Steve McDowell, Moor Insights & Strategy | Dr. Narasimha Reddy, Center on Intelligent Storage

Moderator: Karen Schwartz, ITPro Today
Data, data everywhere. Data is the lifeline of the organization, but the ability to harness and use that data effectively is often elusive. As a result, many organizations spend too much time and resources on simply managing that data and don't get the payoff they should by extracting important insights. This panel will discuss the challenges surrounding data management and discuss ways of attacking the problem proactively by incorporating artificial intelligence, changing data culture, and even considering a managed services option, such as Data Management as a Service.

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