Workshops and Summits

Kick Off Your Interop ITX Experience With Our Summits and Workshops

Held on Monday and Tuesday, these long-form programs are designed to provide you with additional opportunities for immersive and in-depth education. View our summits and workshops in the conference agenda.


Prepare for emerging technologies and master the challenges of today with our Summit programs. Organized and hosted by well-known industry experts, Summits provide attendees with broad perspective from an array of speakers who explore multiple aspects of a topic in a one-day or two-day format.

Whether you're looking for a comprehensive introduction to information security or want to find out why everyone is talking about containers, Interop ITX Summits provide you with a one-stop shop addressing all the essential components.


Topics for 2017 include:


Every day, your IT organization is abuzz with news of new hacks, breaches, and cybersecurity vulnerabilities and it's up to your IT organization to prevent them from affecting your business. In practice, however, many IT departments work in silos. You might know a great deal about IT, but do you really know everything you should about the current cybersecurity environment and emerging threats?

In this two-day Interop ITX summit program, the Dark Reading editorial team and some of the industry’s top cybersecurity experts will offer a crash course in what you need to know about data security and the dangers faced by your organization. You’ll get “speed reads” on each key area of security, providing you with the essential elements your organization should know about cyber defense, as well as an overview of the latest exploits. You'll get insight on how to detect a compromise of your IT environment, and recommendations on how to respond. Best of all, you’ll have an opportunity to ask the experts the key questions you must answer in your environment – in a supportive, collegial setting where there are no dumb questions.

It’s difficult to see into the future when preparing a 5 and 10-year network infrastructure strategy, especially while dealing with the day-to-day demands of running your infrastructure. The Future of Networking, a two-day event hosted by Greg Ferro and Ethan Banks of Packet Pushers, provides you with insight, information and perspectives on emerging technologies and how they will affect you and your business. Specific topic will include next-generation developments in the areas of wide area networks, data center networking, network operations, and software-defined security.

There has never been a better time to be an IT leader. However, the leadership philosophies and skills that got you here are not going to allow you to be successful in a world of increased complexity, rising expectations, and accelerating change. In this two-day event, you'll hear from successful IT executives about practical, real world strategies they have used to create business value. You'll also learn about frameworks, tools and best practices for leading your organization up the IT maturity curve.

Today, the need for businesses to collect, process and analyze data is unprecedented, and opportunities for leveraging that data have never been greater. This two-day event will delve into emerging areas that can help your business not only make the most of its data, but create new business models and revenue streams. We'll explore areas like artificial intelligence, deep learning, machine learning, cognitive computing, neural networks, and robotics and uncover how practical applications of the technology can change your business.

Containers have skyrocketed into popularity, driving dramatic changes in developer workflow, IT operations, and application architectures. This one-day event will explain containers are making such a significant impact on businesses enterprise and why IT leaders should start thinking about them now. You'll hear from technical experts and innovative companies that are already leveraging containers to change their operational environments.

Open source has gone from experimental to front-and-center at many organizations, extending throughout IT from application development to infrastructure and cloud architectures. But implementing open source technologies can be challenging, both technically and financially. This one-day event will explore how the open movement is changing the way businesses use technology and how IT professionals work with it. We'll discuss the many open-source options, benefits and challenges, and real world perspective form expert technologists.


Interop ITX Workshops are half-day tutorials that provide a deep dive with one of the industry's top independent experts on timely and crucial topics. They offer attendees the ability to explore topics ranging from technical details of infrastructure and cloud architecture to organizational concepts of DevOps and IT leadership in an in-depth format that includes interactive exercises and hands-on activities.

Tentative topics for 2017 include:

  • Getting a handle on your IT budget in the age of cloud
  • Hands-on network automation
  • IoT: Where data and mobility meet
  • Fostering DevOps in your IT ranks
  • Modernizing data center infrastructure
  • Hands-on threat hunting
  • Applying the principles of design thinking
  • Building a big data platform