Experience Content Across 7 Tracks

Interop’s content is divided into six themed tracks that are vital to every IT organization. This year we’ve added a seventh, industry-focused track for the Government vertical. Sessions in the Government track will be specially tailored for IT professionals working in local, state or federal government.



Use the cloud to your technical and business advantage by learning about public, private, and hybrid cloud, cloud applications, cloud cost models, migration and integration, cloud security, and managing workloads and performance.

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Data & Analytics

Keep up with skyrocketing data and help your business leverage it by exploring database frameworks and integration, data governance and protection, and making the most of data through the Internet of Things, big data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

Webinar: 5 Things Data Professionals Need to Focus on in 2018
Join Karen Lopez, Chair of the 2018 Interop ITX Data & Analytics track, as she walks through the top five technologies and methods career data professionals – and aspiring data professionals -- should be focusing on to stay ahead of the data deluge in 2018. Register Today!

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Bridge the gap between application development and IT operations by delving into continuous delivery, agile methodology, building cross-functional teams, and using DevOps concepts and tools for configuration management and automation.

New for 2018, we're offering attendees the opportunity to earn their DevOps Foundation Certification at Interop ITX. Learn more here.

Webinar: DevOps on Day 2
During this session Jayne Groll, CEO of the DevOps Institute and Chair of the 2018 Interop ITX DevOps track, introduces some of the emerging practices and principles that are key to successful DevOps. Register Today!

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Our first track tailored especially for attendees working in a particular vertical, the Government track will cater to IT professionals who work in local, state or federal governments. 

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5 Tech Trends for the Enterprise in 2018
Jessica Davis Senior Editor, Enterprise Apps | February 15, 2018
The Accenture Vision 2018 report has identified five trends for CIOs and other executives for the year ahead, including citizen AI, extended reality, and data veracity.

For IT in 2018, Think Change and Change Again
James M. Connolly Executive Managing Editor, InformationWeekEditor in Chief | February 15, 2018
Even with the ongoing new developments in core technologies, IT organizations are facing dramatic changes in how they work in 2018 as they embrace new business concepts and strategies.


Adapt to the new age of software-driven technology with content on virtual environments, SDN and next-generation WANs, modernizing the data center, container technologies, and architectures that support mobility.

Watch Interop ITX Infrastructure chair Keith Townsend as he examines these topics:

Does Hyperconverged Infrastructure Save Money?: In this video, Keith Townsend, principal at The CTO Advisor, examines whether hyperconvergence really costs less than traditional three-tier IT infrastructure.

The Power of Network Disaggregation: Keith explains what network disaggregation means, and how separating the network operating system from hardware provides enterprises and service providers with valuable flexibility.

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The 802.11ax Race Is On
Zeus Zerravala | February 15, 2018
A primer on the new wireless standard as Aerohive announces the first 802.11ax access point.

Wireshark Captures with Dumpcap
Tony Fortunato | February 15, 2018
In this video, learn how to use a dumpcap utility that streamlines scheduling of packet captures.

Leadership & Professional Development

Help your team and your own career flourish with insight into organizational structure and staffing, recruiting and retaining talent, building an IT budget, innovating with IT, and business skills for success.

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Understand the growing threat landscape and how to mitigate risk with content on new attack vectors and how to detect them, security architectures, compliance and legal issues, ransomware, incident response, and network, mobile, and cloud security challenges.

Earn Continuing Education Credits for your ISC2 certification with over 40+ hours of security content. Learn more here. 

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