Experience Content Across 7 Tracks

Interop ITX’s content is divided into six themed tracks that are vital to every IT organization. This year we’ve added a seventh, industry-focused track for the Government vertical. Sessions in the Government track will be specially tailored for IT professionals working in local, state or federal government.



Cloud has become the new normal, and is an established component of today's IT operations. But while IT organizations may have reached a certain comfort level with the basic concepts behind cloud adoption, most businesses are using a haphazard mix of services and architectures. And a barrage of new technologies is further changing the way applications are created, deployed, delivered, and run.

The Cloud Track at Interop ITX, led by cloud evangelist and guru Ben Kepes, explores the fundamentals of making cloud work to your technical and business advantage, including cloud cost models, migration and integration, and cloud security. Attendees will also learn about newer developments, like containers and serverless, that should be factored into technology decisions today to ensure viable cloud deployments for the future.

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Data and Analytics

Experts estimate that 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every day, driven by dramatic business digital transformation, the Internet of Things, and everyday digital user activities. At the same time, businesses are attempting to harness the value of this data through traditional analytics and emerging capabilities like machine learning and artificial intelligence. Accomplishing this is easier said than done, however, requiring consistent integration across multiple sources, ensuring security, and making data actionable through delivery to analytic and cognitive tools.

The role of the IT professionals charged with managing data becomes even more challenging as new database types, services and features are being delivered at a faster rate. Add to this a mix of new compliance and legislative changes and even the most savvy are struggling to keep up. Interop ITX's Data & Analytics Track, led by data architect and consultant Karen Lopez, provides expert advice to help organizations get a grip on their data and make the most of it.

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Organizations everywhere are dipping their toes into DevOps, recognizing that old waterfall approaches no longer serve the pace of today's application development and implementation cycles. But achieving true DevOps success requires systemic integration that goes far beyond simple cooperation between developer and operations teams. As companies make changes to ensure their applications are created and deployed quickly, questions are shifting from understanding the basic premise of DevOps to making progress after a program is implemented and measuring success.

The DevOps track at Interop ITX, led by Jayne Groll, CEO of the DevOps Institute, explores these questions and introduces practices and principles attendees can apply to their own successful DevOps implementations. Sessions focus on four major areas: culture, site reliability engineering, technological advances, and performance metrics. 

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Debuting this year, Interop ITX introduces a track focused on government, which is historically our largest attendee sector. While many of the challenges IT leaders in the enterprise and government face are universal, this track will provide tailored education specific to the constraints and opportunities that are specific to those in federal, state, and local government. In addition to technology evaluation and deployment, we’ll focus on issues like procurement and regulatory compliance and help government IT professionals develop a technology roadmap for the future including strategies that are unique to them.

Led by Jonathan Feldman, Chief Information Officer for the City of Asheville, North Carolina, the Government Track provides a range of topics and advice critical for those working in government IT. Speakers will include CIOs and technology executives working in government environments, representatives from the US Digital Service and Johns Hopkins University Center for Government Excellence, as well as companies creating unique solutions for the public sector. Sessions will focus on enabling public services and civic engagement while ensuring privacy and public safety, covering everything from must-have capabilities like security and data management to emerging tools like chatbots and drones.

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IT is undergoing a fundamental shift, and legacy architectures are no longer an option for organizations embracing digital business and modern IT. Businesses are focusing on modernizing enterprise infrastructure, developing data-centric strategies and technology stacks, and providing agile and responsive IT services. This ushers in a new breed of software-defined, service-based, and open source infrastructure that allows flexibility, automation, and integration with cloud models.

The Infrastructure Track at Interop ITX, led by Keith Townsend, founder of The CTO Advisor and former enterprise architect, provides expertise and advice to help IT operations professionals adapt and excel. Attendees will hear from industry experts, practitioners, and analysts about strategies and technologies they can use to modernize their infrastructure environments in the new age of software-driven technology, cloud, and application architectures.

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Leadership and Professional Development

Technology is advancing faster than ever before, creating new opportunities for organizations to pioneer new business models, improve customer relationships, and increase efficiency and productivity. Leading an IT organization through this time of drastic change, however, means transitioning to new ways of thinking while dealing with the high levels of uncertainty that rapid change introduces.

The Leadership & Professional Development Track, led by bestselling author and career expert Katy Tynan, brings together leadership thought leaders and IT executives to explore the issues and help attendees face the many challenges of working in and managing the IT teams of today. Sessions offer insight into organizational structure and staffing, recruiting and retaining a diverse talent pool, innovating with IT, and business skills for success.

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The growing cybersecurity threat landscape is one of the biggest concerns – if not the biggest – of Interop ITX attendees. Risk factors and chances of a breach are constantly increasing, requiring IT leaders to keep up with the latest vulnerabilities and ways to stop them. In addition, they must ensure security is integrated into practices and technologies across the organization and keep peace with multiple stakeholders who may have differing priorities.

Interop ITX's Security track, led by the editors of Dark Reading, provides IT and security pros with the tools to succeed. Speakers include industry experts and specialized consultants with decades of experience. Attendees will learn how to mitigate risk with content on new attack vectors and how to detect them, developing security architectures, building an effective security organization, compliance and legal issues, ransomware, incident response, and network, application, and cloud security challenges.

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