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Sustainability at UBM

Interop's Parent Company

At UBM, we achieve sustainable commercial success through thoughtful market focus and superior results for our customers. Being a sustainable business is central to how we run our events, make decisions, and do business every day.

Sustainability at UBM has five key elements: people, communities, environment, customers, and governance.  

At UBM Americas, our continuing evolution of producing sustainable events is fueled by insight, innovation, and collaboration. We are proud of our commitment to having a positive environmental and social impact on both the communities and industries we work within.

We strive to raise awareness of sustainability issues among our suppliers, our customers, and the owners of the venues we use.

What UBM Is Doing:

  • Collaborating with our venues and general service contractors to compile data on the waste our events produce and the electricity our events use. We're studying the data to determine how we can improve from year to year.
  • Auditing our events through our internal Sustainable 10 program.
  • Printing as much signage as possible on recyclable materials.
  • Ordering multiple-use carpet.
  • Using Energy Star–rated projectors, monitors, and speakers; using LED lighting; and encouraging the use of LED lighting for booths.
  • Partnering with charitable organizations and instituting wellness initiatives at our events.

Interop Sustainability

We are committed to continually improving the sustainability of Interop and aim to stay at the forefront of driving change within the events industry.

  • We choose partners that value sustainability, such as FreemanETS AV, and MGM Resorts International, which is recognized by Environmental Protection Agency and the state of Nevada for its efforts to reduce food waste.
  • Conference guides are printed on recycled paper.
  • We've reduced the total amount of printed materials and use recycled paper for materials we do print.
  • We recycle our badges.
  • We’ve replaced almost all foam core signage with signage made from 100% recycled cardboard substrate.
  • We’ve eliminated paper speaker evaluations in favor of electronic feedback forms.
  • We’ve eliminated plastic water bottles in meeting rooms in favor of using reusable water bottles.

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