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Technology is advancing faster than ever before, creating new opportunities for organizations to pioneer new business models, improve customer relationships, and increase efficiency and productivity. Leading an IT organization through this time of drastic change, however, means transitioning to new ways of thinking while dealing with the high levels of uncertainty that rapid change introduces.

The Leadership & Professional Development Track, led by bestselling author and career expert Katy Tynan, brings together leadership thought leaders and IT executives to explore the issues and help attendees face the many challenges of working in and managing the IT teams of today. Sessions offer insight into organizational structure and staffing, recruiting and retaining a diverse talent pool, innovating with IT, and business skills for success.

Leadership & Professional Development Track Chair: Katy Tynan

Katy Tynan is the bestselling author of practical guides to career transitions, and an internationally recognized expert on how work is evolving. In a world where 70% of employees are disengaged, Katy helps organizations ditch out of date management practices and create an inspiring, engaging culture. Over her 20-year career in IT and operations consulting, Katy has advised hundreds of organizations on how to find innovative solutions leveraging technology and human capital for competitive advantage. Katy is currently Managing Director of CoreAxis Consulting, a leading talent strategy consulting firm based in Southborough, Massachusetts. Katy is the author of Survive Your Promotion! The 90 Day Success Plan for New Managers, and her most recent book Free Agent: The Independent Professional's Roadmap to Self-Employment Success.

Leadership & Professional Development Review Board

Jamie Atchison, Director of Application Development, Association of Schools & Programs of Public Health
Kathryn Brett Goldman, Director, KBG Consulting Solutions
Shannon Fuller, Data Governance Director, Carolinas HealthCare System
Kong Yang, Head Geek, SolarWinds

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Need to Change? Harness Your Culture!

Date:  Thursday, May 3
Time:  9:00am - 9:45am
Pass Type: All Access, Conference
Format: Conference Session

In this session we will cover the basics of culture in terms of IT's current context and the need to adapt to a rapidly changing business and technology landscape. We provide tools to help the audience determine how they can understand what kind of culture they have at the team, IT or organizational level. Finally, we provide examples to show how you can harness culture to plan and implement sustained, positive change.
We'll cover:

  • Understanding what culture is, and isn't. Where does it come from? How is it formed?
  • So, what is all the fuss about? Why do CIO's and CISO's keep bringing it up? What does a Cyber-Aware Culture mean? How do you create a Customer-Centric Culture in IT? We will discuss how culture is a lynchpin to high performing teams and organizations, what it means to global businesses and operating across national lines.
  • What is your own IT culture? How do you measure it, what do those measurements mean? We provide tools, resources, and examples to show how you can easily measure your own team and IT culture in 20 minutes or less, and walk you through what different measures can mean.
  • How do you change culture? How to leverage your cultural orientation to craft highly effective communications and positive change programs that leverage existing culture, tapping into people's and teams value systems for sustained and lasting change.

This session includes multiple case studies of change programs that have been implemented with a culture-first approach to provide the audience with real life examples, structures, measurements and templates so that they can have a ready toolkit to take back to their own organizations to implement cultural change.

Kathryn Brett Goldman
Director, KBG Solutions Ltd

Look Before You Leap to Maximize Your Impact as a New Manager

Date:  Wednesday, May 2
Time:  4:00pm - 4:50pm
Pass Type: All Access, Conference
Format: Conference Session

This session will raise awareness for the soft-skill responsibilities a manager needs to lead a team. The ideal profile of the session attendee is a strong performer in an individual contributor role with at least five years' experience. During this interactive session, we'll share caveats and real-life examples centered around team dynamics.
In addition, we'll share '"A-ha!" moments and observations from managing teams such as why respected > liked; solving subordinate problems is inefficient; and when micromanagement is acceptable. Lastly, we'll touch on ways to get better at managing people and staying on top of your game as a leader, such as investing in yourself and developing your advice-counsel network.

 Learning Objectives:
 1) - Understand the manager role and view from your supervisory, peers and team.
 2) - Learn time-saving concepts that will influence your decision-making and ability to achieve results through people.
 3) - Recognize and find ways to personally develop as a leader.

Dwayne Price
AVP & Technical Solutions ManagerT. Rowe Price

Why Are Soft Skills So Hard?

Date:  Friday, May 4
Time:  9:00am - 9:50am
Pass Type: All Access, Conference
Format: Conference Session

Many of us want to see our careers progress from junior to senior to lead or manager. To do this we focus on growing our technical skills, contributing to open source projects, and working on side projects. Technical skills will only get you so far, to truly succeed you need to master the soft skills. Soft skills are the personal characteristics that enable people to interact effectively with others and are critical for a successful DevOps initiative. These include verbal and non-verbal communication, empathy, and collaboration.

During this talk you will learn what the most important soft skills are, tips on how to grow and improve, and identify at least one skill to work on.

Dawn Parzych
Director, Catchpoint