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Convince Your Boss!

We want to help you get the thumbs-up to attend Interop this coming May. We're excited that you want to join the IT community at Interop — the largest, most unbiased IT conference around.

We understand that managers sometimes say that they don't understand the importance of attending "yet another technology conference."

We're here to explain why we're hardly just another technology conference and how Interop is different than every other technology event. Cut and paste what you'd like or download the Word doc below.

Share This With Your Manager

Interop is a world-class event designed to help IT professionals uncover the technology solutions and strategies that will best meet their needs. Attend to learn from the best and brightest minds in the industry.

  • Independent: Interop is vendor neutral, allowing you to get unbiased IT insight and advice from peers experiencing the same challenges you are. You’ll have the opportunity to break free from constantly focusing on how to solve problems using single-vendor solutions, and consider strategies in an objective manner.

  • Broad IT perspective: In a landscape full of conferences organized by technology providers or very specific, niche organizations, Interop is the only event where you can get a broad view of what's happening across IT disciplines and how your peers are managing the rapid pace of change.
  • Technology breadth and depth: Our conference program offers strategic and actionable advice in the areas most critical for modern IT pros, including infrastructure, cloud, security, DevOps, data, and analytics, as well as emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and more.
  • Develop your leadership skills: Interop aims to nurture every aspect of today's technologists by offering content that helps you develop the skills necessary for managing a successful IT organization and for advancing your career with sessions on IT strategy and professional development.

Let's Do This

Cut and paste what you'd like into an email, or download the Word document we’ve prepared to help you justify your trip. Fill in the missing areas to personalize the letter, and you’re all set! 

Also, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected] if we can provide you with more information.

We also have group rates available if you’d like to make Interop a team outing!