The data derived from IoT is emerging as one of the toughest things for companies of all sizes to understand and leverage, with some studies estimating that nearly 50% of companies leave half of their data on the table. Meanwhile, IoT initiatives put enterprise networking and cloud strategies to the test, while introducing new security challenges. All of this adds up to most companies not getting the most out of their IoT initiatives, or worse yet, not investing in IoT at all and risk being way behind the curve.

Our IoT Theater will provide attendees with real world case studies and strategies that they can take back to their companies to help immediately inform what they need to be doing in IoT over the next 1-3 years. The companion IoT Demo Showcase will allow attendees to have docent-led demos of IoT initiatives providing them a first-hand view on what’s already out there and opening their minds to the possibilities for their future enterprise.

Check this page in the coming weeks as we add IoT Theater sessions and speakers.