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IT is undergoing a fundamental shift, and legacy architectures are no longer an option for organizations embracing digital business and modern IT. Businesses are focusing on modernizing enterprise infrastructure, developing data-centric strategies and technology stacks, and providing agile and responsive IT services. This ushers in a new breed of software-defined, service-based, and open source infrastructure that allows flexibility, automation, and integration with cloud models.

The Infrastructure Track at Interop ITX, led by Keith Townsend, founder of The CTO Advisor and former enterprise architect, provides expertise and advice to help IT operations professionals adapt and excel. Attendees will hear from industry experts, practitioners, and analysts about strategies and technologies they can use to modernize their infrastructure environments in the new age of software-driven technology, cloud, and application architectures.

Infrastructure Track Chair: Keith Townsend

Keith Townsend is an Enterprise Architect and founder of with over 18 years of experience. Keith has several years of experience with a "Big 4" as a management consultant in which he helped set the infrastructure technology strategy for several Fortune 500 companies. He has both a Bachelors and Masters Degree from DePaul University and currently works for a large BioPharma just north of Chicago.

Infrastructure Review Board

• Dan Conde, Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group
Carl Shimbo, Manager - Healthcare Technology Consulting, PwC
Marcia Savage, Executive Editor, Network Computing

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Hybrid Cloud Success & Failure: Use Cases & Technology Options

Date:  Wednesday, May 2
Time:  1:00pm - 1:50pm
Pass Type: All Access, Conference
Format: Conference Session
Cloud computing is fundamentally shifting the way enterprises deliver information technology to business users. This shift started with SaaS applications and is now rapidly sweeping through the data center. Yet, enterprise IT organizations are in various phases of success and failure as they rollout their hybrid cloud and multi-cloud initiatives.

This session examines what is happening in enterprise IT, and how users are approaching this new world to achieve return on their investments. It will review the driving use cases and rationale, along with the barriers to success. We will also cover the deployment model options and review the financial justifications for on and off-premises decisions.

We'll cover the following questions:
• What is enterprise IT really doing?
• What are the top use cases?
• Which technology options are being deployed?
• What are the financial considerations for on or off-premises?

Camberley Bates
Managing Director and Analyst, Evaluator Group

Applications at Scale: How to Email, Text, and Push the World

Date:  Thursday, May 3
Time:  9:00am - 9:45am
Pass Type: All Access, Conference
Format: Conference Session

How do you scale from informally texting friends on the couch to a system that publishes 15 million messages a day? Perhaps you use a third party API to deliver your overly crafted emails. But how can you weave together multiple email providers for redundancy, enough SMS providers to reliably reach 191 countries, and push providers to notify every mobile device you can imagine? And all the while, how can you keep the overall system simple, modular, and trackable?

In this talk, Greg will explain the history of Airbnb's message publishing system and how it grew to support hundreds of millions of travelers in a business where not receiving a text can result in sleeping on the street. We will also see how Airbnb's new modular messaging publishing system allows employees to quickly add new providers, channels, and even simple machine learning. Gain new insight into the history of Airbnb's infrastructure and take away new ideas on how to build your own future proof message publishing systems.


Greg Foster
Software EngineerAirbnb

Composable Infrastructure - What It Means for Your Data Center

Date:  Thursday, May 3
Time:  1:00pm - 1:50pm
Pass Type: All Access, Conference
Format: Conference Session

Composable Infrastructure (CI) is an important emerging class of products for data center efficiency. This session will cover the evolution of CI, place CI in the context of other data center technologies, discuss application areas which are most appropriate for CI, survey the existing CI vendors and their approaches to the market, and discuss future directions for CI. We'll also discuss how the use of CI can affect the decision to move in or out of the cloud, with real world examples.

Tom Lyon
Chief ScientistDriveScale, Inc.

Using the Public Cloud as Your Global Enterprise WAN

Date:  Friday, May 4
Time:  10:00am - 10:50am
Pass Type: All Access, Conference
Format: Conference Session

A global enterprise WAN is constructed using a combination of many services (e.g. carrier MPLS, Internet IPsec/GRE tunnels, private lines, etc) and bolt-on services (e.g. WAN acceleration, load balancers, proxy servers, etc.). One thing we know for certain, just like many legacy compute workloads, cloud cannot is not about to cause these existing WAN solutions to disappear tomorrow and the enterprise is committed to living in a hybrid world for the foreseeable future.

This presentation will take an applied approach to discussing the many manners in which to integrate with and extend our existing WAN into the cloud, and the eventual transformation of the enterprise WAN just like cloud computing is already doing for our compute workloads.

Dane Jackson
Network Team Lead, Hyatt Hotels Corporation