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Experts estimate that 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every day, driven by dramatic business digital transformation, the Internet of Things, and everyday digital user activities. At the same time, businesses are attempting to harness the value of this data through traditional analytics and emerging capabilities like machine learning and artificial intelligence. Accomplishing this is easier said than done, however, requiring consistent integration across multiple sources, ensuring security, and making data actionable through delivery to analytic and cognitive tools.

The role of the IT professionals charged with managing data becomes even more challenging as new database types, services and features are being delivered at a faster rate. Add to this a mix of new compliance and legislative changes and even the most savvy are struggling to keep up. Interop ITX's Data & Analytics Track, led by data architect and consultant Karen Lopez, provides expert advice to help organizations get a grip on their data and make the most of it.

Data & Analytics Track Chair: Karen Lopez

Karen is a senior project manager with an extensive background in development processes and information management. She specializes in taking practical approaches to systems development. She has helped many IT departments choose appropriate methods and standards based on the department's culture, experience, and focus. She is an international speaker on modern development and design processes, specializing in engaging, often irreverent presentations on data and career-related topics.

Data & Analytics Review Board

Pierre DeBois, Founder and Chief Analytics Officer, Zimana
 Jessica Davis, Senior Editor, All Analytics

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Another Day, Another Data Breach: How the Collection of Data and Metadata Present Cybersecurity Risks

Date: Wednesday, May 2
Time: 2:00pm - 2:50pm
Pass Type: All Access, Conference
Format: Conference Session

Given the advances in Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning (ML), the data and metadata collected present a treasure trove of information for big corporations to market products and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. In addition, advances in Big Data Analytics and ML can also augment a security analyst’s ability to identify actionable security incidents from millions of security events being captured in an enterprise network.

However, on the flip side, collected data and metadata can also be lucrative in the black market when stolen and used for nefarious purposes. Take for example the enormous amount of data that was stolen in the recent Equifax hack; vulnerable databases with user data and metadata can be exploited to create profiles for mass spear-phishing emails, social engineering campaigns, identity theft, and other targeted attacks creating additional threat vectors and other cybersecurity risks. This presentation is going to discuss what some of those cybersecurity risks are and explore techniques to mitigate the risks.


Amelia Estwick
Program Manager, National Cybersecurity Institute at Excelsior College

Demystifying Deep Learning: Building Your First Artificial Neural Network

Date: Wednesday, May 2
Time: 8:30am - 9:45am
Pass Type: All Access, Conference
Format: Hands-On Session

Deep learning is an advanced machine learning technique modeled around human brain. Attend this session to understand the key differences between classic machine learning and deep learning, and its relationship with artificial intelligence. We will explore the core concepts of deep learning by building a simple but a complete artificial neural network model.

This session is limited to 100 attendees, so an RSVP is required. Please RSVP here


Janakiram MSV
Analyst, Advisor, Architect, Janakiram & Associates

Finding Actionable Insights in Enterprise Data

Date:  Wednesday, May 2
Time:  1:00pm - 1:50pm
Pass Type: All Access, Conference
Format: Conference Session

So how do you use the data you have in your organization to find novel and most importantly actionable insights – finding intelligence in your data that will have material impact on your business?

Building on multiple case studies and success stories, this session will look at some of the many ways successful businesses have used data analytics to make a difference in how they run, and what they achieve. Covering data analytics across the enterprise, from infrastructure to customers, this session will enable you to:

  • Pinpoint problems in systems and applications that impact your ability to deliver business goals
  • Uncover nascent user behavior and detect the early warning signs of problematic activity
  • Understand the impact of technology on real business goals, like revenue or fulfillment
  • Deliver innovation that matters by engaging stakeholders and using data-driven decisions
  • Understanding end user behaviors and sentiment to raise engagement, satisfactionAdopt new innovative approaches to gathering, storing, visualizing, and sharing 'big data'

Andi Mann
Chief Technology AdvocateSplunk