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Welcome to Interop 2020

At Interop, our mission is to highlight the best technologies and strategies IT professionals can use today to provide innovative, efficient and secure services that drive value within their organizations. As one of the longest-running and last remaining independent events for Networking and IT Pros, Interop remains committed to focusing on the needs of our community with cutting-edge and unbiased content.

Your submissions are an essential step in building our program since they help us identify the most important ideas and perspectives that will enlighten and empower our audience. We appreciate your interest in speaking at Interop and the time and effort it will take to create a terrific proposal. To make that a positive experience and increase your chances of success, please read the following guidelines before making a submission. Hopefully, we’ve made clear what we’re looking for and how we operate. But don’t hesitate to drop us a line if you have questions @ [email protected]

Hitting the Target

Our attendees are eager to learn from experts and peers about the technology, processes and talent needed to spur Digital Transformation and run modern IT organizations. We love talking about the latest technology. But Interop attendees tell us they spend just as much time on Process and Talent issues. Being great in IT means mastering all three so we’ll be evaluating submissions based on how well they address Technology, Process and Talent issues. Many times these areas intersect -- a proposal that touches on two or three will be especially pertinent for our audience.

Please make your submission truly relevant to an IT Pro. In particular, we’re very interested in highlighting successful ways IT can collaborate with other parts of an organization to create value for internal users and external customers.

We also want to deliver value, so please make your proposal actionable. Include key takeaways the audience will gain by the end of the session. Explaining exactly what the audience will learn shows us that you have a realistic plan for your presentation, and that the content will be valuable to our attendees.

Ultimately, proposals will be evaluated based upon:

  1. Importance/relevance to our IT Pro audience
  2. Knowledge and experience of the speaker
  3. Originality
  4. Diversity: Interop aims to achieve diversity of voice, experience, and perspective to provide a well-rounded program that reflects the community

We are accepting submissions in these main topic areas:

  • Automation/IT Management
  • Cloud Environments
  • Collaboration
  • Data & Analytics
  • Data Center/Sustainability
  • DevOps
  • Hardware/Systems
  • Infrastructure
  • IoT
  • Managed Services
  • Network Automation Summit presented by Network to Code
  • Networking
  • Security
  • Storage
  • Strategy
  • Talent/Teams/Tactics
  • Wireless/Mobility

Not So Fine Print

Deadline to submit your proposal has been extended to December 17.

We understand proposals are often made by third parties on behalf of a speaker. That’s OK, but if accepted, we’ll need direct access to the presenter.

If you’ve read this far, you’re a pro and know that submitting a product pitch is an immediate fail. But if that’s your goal, please consider a sponsored talk. Our attendees are eager to hear directly from vendors and these sessions are well attended. Contact [email protected].

We may accept a speaker but ask for content changes.

Speakers will receive a complimentary pass to Interop.

What You'll Need to Prepare and Submit Your Session Proposal

  • Create your account (you'll be able to edit your proposal until the deadline)
  • Speaker contact information
  • Session title: Provide a session title in fewer than 10 words. Please try to include keywords and topics covered by your talk.
  • Topic, format and audience level
  • Speaker bio, experience and Twitter username
  • Session description: In 150-words, provide a concise description of your session as you would have it appear on the Interop website. Write in 3rd person, present tense.
  • Attendee takeaway: In 3-4 bullets, tell us what the attendees will gain from this presentation. Give concrete examples and remember that Interop attendees are experts in their field.
  • Supporting material: It's optional to submit supplemental information that supports your session proposal. Additional materials may include white papers, demos, videos, etc.

Session Proposal Review, Selection & Notification

  • Review Board assesses submissions
  • Submitters are notified of their status on January 22: Declined or accepted
  • Submitters will be required to prepare the complete presentation for review by the Review Board
  • Presentations are due June 1