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A full-day virtual event describing the critical next steps in IT’s evolution – and how cybersecurity will fit in

No matter how your enterprise’s IT organization is evolving, security will play a crucial role in your strategy. Whether you’re undergoing digital transformation, adding capabilities for remote workers, moving toward the cloud, implementing 5G networks, or taking a “Shift Left” approach to application development, you will need to make critical decisions about cybersecurity tools, techniques, and practices. In this unique event, you’ll have an opportunity to look at today’s most formative IT trends from a security point of view.

Whether you’re an IT professional who needs to understand the security implications of a new project or a security professional who needs to understand IT’s latest directions, this virtual event is for you. In a series of keynote presentations and expert panels, you’ll get insight on the latest trends in IT – and how they might affect the threat surface of your organization. You’ll get tips on how to minimize the cyber risk of next-generation applications and services. And you’ll get advice on how to harmonize the practices and processes used by both the IT team and the cybersecurity team. This is a unique opportunity to view today’s most important IT trends and transformations through security’s scrupulous lens.

This event is a unique opportunity to learn about the security implications of today’s most important IT trends. You’ll learn how security considerations affect the way your enterprise works with cloud service providers, how to secure the huge base of remote endpoints, how to add security to the DevOps direction, just to name a few.

Among the topics that will be covered at Cybersecurity’s Changing Role in IT:

  • An overview of the changing role of cybersecurity in the IT department, and how security roles and IT roles are increasingly overlapping
  • A look at some of the most widely used cloud services, and how to ensure the security of your data while expanding your applications of cloud technology
  • Insight on some of the weakest security links in today’s enterprise networks, and how to build a stronger and more comprehensive network security strategy
  • A look at next-generation application development strategies, including DevOps and Shift Left, and their implications for cybersecurity
  • Insights on artificial intelligence and machine learning, and how these emerging technologies might be used both to attack your organization and to defend it
  • Tools and techniques for connecting and harmonizing the activities of IT operations and security operations, particularly in the discipline of incident response

If you want to know more about the latest trends and developments in IT – and how those trends and developments might affect your organization’s cybersecurity strategy -- then this virtual event is for you. Registration is coming soon! Sign up for alerts and be the first to know when registration opens.


Baking Cybersecurity Into Enterprise IT

Years ago, the security team (if there was one) and the broader IT team often operated separately, sometimes at odds with each other. Today, cybersecurity has become a pervasive issue in almost every area of IT, from the network to the help desk to application development. What role should cybersecurity play in next-generation IT programs and practices? How can security become less of a silo and more directly integrated into all phases of IT? In this keynote, a top IT leader discusses new approaches and tools to help IT organizations and security teams work better together.


Making Security Work in a Cloud-Focused IT Environment
Today’s IT organizations are rapidly changing the way they work, increasingly replacing premises-based systems and software with cloud services and applications, often from multiple providers. As the enterprise implements more and more cloud technology, how can IT and security teams ensure the safety and integrity of critical data? In this panel discussion, experts speak about the evolving role of cloud technology in the organization, and how security processes are changing as a result.

Network Security for 2021 and Beyond
Even before COVID-19 struck, IT organizations were making huge strides in the implementation of next-generation network technology such as SASE, 5G and software-defined networking (SDN). Today, those organizations are faced with a whole new spectrum of challenges as many employees and trading partners continue a remotely operated computing model. In this panel, experts discuss the impact of emerging networking strategies on cybersecurity tools and processes, as well as the latest cyber threats to enterprise networks. You’ll also get recommendations on how to integrate and harmonize the elements of IT operations and security operations

Building Security Into Enterprise Application Development Processes
Today’s application development teams are implementing new strategies and processes every day, from DevOps to Shift Left approaches. How can your IT team bake security into the software development life cycle? In this panel discussions, experts from both the app dev side and the security side join to discuss the tools and processes enterprises can use to create secure applications in record time.


AI and Machine Learning: Implications for Enterprise Security
The rapid growth of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies is driving a sea change in enterprises’ approaches to IT. But how will these ground-breaking technologies affect cybersecurity policy and strategy? In this panel discussion, experts discuss the steps that organizations must take in order to secure the ongoing operations of AI and machine learning technologies. You’ll also get insight on how your team can use AI and ML to improve enterprise security – and how the bad guys might use these emerging technologies against you.

Tools and Strategies for Orchestrating and Automating IT and Security Operations
Today’s security operations teams are exploring new frameworks and technologies for connecting and correlating security tools and data. Whether it’s Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR), Extended Detection and Recovery (XDR), or other technologies and practices, security teams are rethinking and reframing the way they handle defense and incident response. But how will these new directions impact the broader IT organization? In this panel discussion, experts will discuss some of the latest trends in security operations, and their potential impact on IT operations.