Interop's content is focused on six core theme areas, listed below. View the sessions for each of these tracks in our Agenda.


Adapt to the new age of software-driven technology with content on virtual environments, SDN and next-generation WANs, modernizing the data center, container technologies, and architectures that support mobility.

Tentative sessions include:

  • Is SDN Living up to the Hype?
  • Managing Storage in a Software-Defined World
  • Getting Started with Containers
  • Converged Infrastructure: What It is and When to Consider It
  • Wireless Advances You Must Know
  • Collaboration & Group Chat: Security & Control

Data & Analytics

Keep up with skyrocketing data and help your business leverage it by exploring database frameworks and integration, data governance and protection, and making the most of data through the Internet of Things, big data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

Tentative sessions include:

  • How to Become an Insight-Driven Business
  • Planning a Modern Data Infrastructure
  • Big Data Best Practices for the Cloud
  • Finding Data Talent for Your Team
  • IoT: Data Challenges & Strategies



Use the cloud to your technical and business advantage by learning about public, private, and hybrid cloud, cloud applications, cloud cost models, migration and integration, cloud security, and managing workloads and performance.

Tentative sessions include:

  • Hybrid Cloud Security Strategies
  • Performance vs. Value: Cloud Metrics that Matter
  • Deploying Applications to The Cloud with Docker
  • AWS Lessons Learned
  • OpenStack Mistakes to Avoid



Understand the growing threat landscape and how to mitigate risk with content on new attack vectors and how to detect them, security architectures, compliance and legal issues, ransomware, incident response, and network, mobile, and cloud security challenges.

Tentative sessions include:

  • Measuring & Managing Cyber Risk: Mapping IT Risk to Business Risk
  • Detecting & Rooting Out Insider Threats
  • Ransomware: How Your Business Can Respond
  • Security Strategies for Multi-Cloud Environments
  • Managing the Security Skills Shortage


Bridge the gap between application development and IT operations by delving into continuous delivery, agile methodology, building cross-functional teams, and using DevOps concepts and tools for configuration management and automation.

Tentative sessions include:

  • Evolving Traditional Roles & Crossing Disciplines
  • Optimizing Your Continuous Delivery Strategy
  • Change Management: What’s Enough, What’s Too Much?
  • DevOps Talent: What's Needed for the Next 5 Years
  • Best Practices from the Best: DevOps Organizations on the Forefront

Leadership & Professional Development

Help your team and your own career flourish with insight into organizational structure and staffing, recruiting and retaining talent, building an IT budget, innovating with IT, and business skills for success.

Tentative sessions include:

  • Top 7 Strategies to Win the IT Talent War
  • Tomorrow's IT Leaders: How to Engage Millennials
  • Are You Too Old for IT: How Ageism Hurts Us All
  • Bimodal IT: What It Looks Like in Real Life
  • How to Play Nice with Your Corporate Stakeholders