Conference Tracks

Following two days of pre-conference workshops, attend the Interop Conference for three days of lectures, panels and roundtable discussions on a comprehensive selection of technology topics taught by leading analysts and a collection of your IT peers.

October 1-3, 2014


The Applications track will bring together some of the industry's best and brightest thought leaders to provide their ideas and experiences on successfully addressing the challenge of application governance, management, and monitoring.

Cloud Connect Summit

Cloud & Virtualization have had enormous impacts on the way we work. Preparing the network for cloud, choosing private or public, security and governance issues, on-demand architectures, server consolidation, virtual desktop and application delivery are key issues covered in this track.


Networking, data centers and storage are undergoing tremendous change as both access technologies and core capabilities are shaped by the forces of virtualization, convergence, and cloud. Discover the impacts of these changes and what they mean for the ways we design, build, and operate IT infrastructure.

Risk Management & Security

IT professionals often rate lack of visibility in data assets, insights & information infrastructure as a top concern. Learn to successfully address the visibility challenge and how to defend today's organization from the well-motivated, equipped, and capable cyber adversary.

Business of IT

IT pros have the opportunity to not only provide the tools to help get work done – they can also drive future business opportunities and decisions. Learn how important it is to be closely aligned with business needs and to understand the needs of both internal and external customers.


The Interop Collaboration track provides grounding in the infrastructure issues that enterprises are dealing with today as part of their legacy environment. Learn about the collaboration environment that enterprises are migrating toward and the ways of integrating communications into business processes.


Access to information and IT resources on an anytime/anywhere basis is today the key to productivity and advantage no matter what the mission. Learn the fundamentals of access with 802.11ac and how other IT pros are taking advantage of mobile through use cases.

Software-Defined Networking (SDN)

Interop’s SDN track will bring much-needed clarity to a market that is seeing its first deployments beginning to deliver value. Discover essential technology details from independent experts and SDN thought leaders through conference sessions and discussions.

How to Register

The following Interop passes will give you access to either one or two days of workshops: