Cloud Connect

September 29 - October 2, 2014

Attend Cloud Connect @ Interop to see first-hand how enterprises can leverage the cloud's abundance of resources and applications to outmaneuver, out-innovate, and outpace the competition. Cloud is a critical enterprise tool that should be at the heart of every IT strategy. IT buyers across all industries are increasing cloud-related spending, but still face challenges deciding which cloud architecture and platform is best suited for their business. Through analysis and comparison of the leading cloud stacks and how they're progressing, Cloud Connect Summit's new programming at Interop New York will help attendees weigh their options. Cloud Connect will also power five in-depth cloud workshops and feature a Cloud Connect Zone in the Interop Expo.

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Cloud Connect Summit

Cloud Connect Summit will explore how the Cloud fundamentally changes enterprise computing and the roles of CIOs and IT leaders.

Featured Cloud Connect Summit Sessions
Cloud Without Compromise: How IBM is Building the Next Generation of Cloud Computing
In this session, Mac Devine, Director of CloudFirst Innovation and CTO, IBM Cloud Services Division, will discuss how IBM is building the next generation of hybrid clouds designed for enterprises. IBM's comprehensive cloud portfolio of products and services has helped thousands of clients accelerate their cloud adoption and implementation. By leveraging acquisitions such as SoftLayer, Cloudant and Trusteer, as well as new development of Bluemix, Cloud Orchestrator and Cloud Manager on Open Cloud Technologies, IBM is providing a unique set of capabilities that help clients turn cloud into a growth engine for business.
Mac Devine, Director and CTO, Cloud Portfolio, IBM Distinguished Engineer, Master Inventor, IBM

From Theory to Practice: Implementing the ‘Composable Enterprise
Last year, Murray (@Adamalthus) introduced the concept of the "Composable Enterprise" to describe a radical new approach to transforming business through the use of a new generation of cloud-based platform architectures. Murray believes that the most critical metric for CIOs today is ‘Time-To-Value’ and that a "Composable Enterprise" approach is the only way to close the gap between business demand and IT’s ability to deliver. In his Cloud Connect keynote Murray will discuss the real-world technical, operational and organizational challenges of implementing the "Composable Enterprise" and the lesson learned leading this transformation as EVP & CTO at Warner Music Group.
Speaker: Jonathan Murray, EVP and Chief Technology Officer, Warner Music Group

How Hybrid Cloud is Redefining Business and IT

Why You Can't Have a Cloud Solution Without a Secure, High-Performance Network Solution
Successful businesses have realized that to compete, the cloud is no longer an option it's a necessity. More and more businesses are moving internal, mission-critical applications, workloads and data out of on-premises data centers and into the cloud. This presents many new challenges that come with expanding and exposing corporate networks and IT environments to public networks and distributed computing resources. This session will uncover some recent trends in the types of applications moving to the cloud, top business concerns and risk factors, as well as show how a secure, high-performance network solution can help navigate the increasingly complex networked world.
Paul Savill, Senior Vice President, Global Core Product Management, Level 3 Communications

Agility With Security
In 2012, PayPal adopted an OpenStack internal cloud strategy. Using world class security, PayPal keeps your money secure and accounted for behind one secure account.  We are not sacrificing our agility needs, and we continually enhance our security posture to remain the safest way to pay online. The discussion will focus on common sense strategies we have employed to enable the greatest safeguards in the industry, including within our private cloud.
Speaker: Scott Carlson, Senior Infrastructure Architect, PayPal

Are VMs Passé?
For the past 10 years, traditional VMs have been the go-to approach for creating flexible datacenters, for server consolidation, and for delivering cloud infrastructure services. With the recent interest in PaaS, DevOps, iterative dev environments, hybrid clouds, and scale-out applications, there is growing interest in a lighter-weight approach, called containerization, which promises isolation with the cost, overhead, and rigidity of VMs. This talk explores the pro's, con's, hype, and reality, and whether containerization really does make VMs passé.
Speaker: Ben Golub, CEO, Docker

Breaking Down Enterprise Silos in the Cloud
From the perspective of IT, organizational silos seem to be the root of all problems. Every line of business, every department, every functional area has its own requirements, its own technology preferences, and its own way of doing things. The Cloud alone can't solve these complex challenges. We need a better approach to architecture that brings silos together and helps to clean up the legacy mess. It's time to rethink how we build and run applications to take advantage of the Cloud: distributed, horizontally scalable, and event-driven -- especially given the enterprise legacy context.
Speaker: Speaker: Jason Bloomberg, President, Intellyx

Controlling Cloud Infrastructure Costs With Cloud Analytics
The cloud is beginning to deliver on its promise of speed and flexibility. But what about cost savings? It's easy to spin up servers and let them go, but that can lead to infrastructure cost creep. Enterprises today need greater visibility and management, to ensure IT and DevOPs can control infrastructure and gain insight on inefficiencies and financial managers can match infrastructure spend to their predefined accounting schema and report on it. In this presentation, we will discuss how cloud management tools can help IT track the costs of each their cloud instances and roll this up to the level of a server farm and infrastructure for tracking. IT and Finance will learn how they can maintain accountability and keep costs under control, delivering on the promise of cloud cost savings.
Speaker: Sebastian Stadil, CEO & Founder, Scalr

Containers and the Cloud: Separating Myth from Reality
Containers have huge promise for cloud environments with their extreme scaling, high elasticity and simple packaging and transport. However, since they are a radically different from current hypervisor based virtualization technologies, their adoption has been hindered by a lack of understanding of what they can and cannot do, how they work and how to handle them in production. Drawing on use cases from the service provider space, this talk will explain what containers are, how they work, which Operating Systems they best work in. We will also review some of the recommended practices (like running containers inside a VM) and explain the advantages and disadvantages of this configuration.
James Bottomley, CTO, Server Virtualization, Parallels

Crash Course in Open Source Cloud Computing
This will be an overview of the open source software that can be used to deploy and manage a cloud computing environment. The session will include information on storage, networking(e.g. OpenDaylight) and compute virtualization (Xen, KVM, LXC) and the orchestration(Apache CloudStack, OpenStack) of the three to build their own cloud services.
Mark Hinkle, Senior Director, Open Source Solutions, Citrix

DevOps Gold: What the Olympics Teaches Us About Agile Development and Release
At the recent winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, we saw athletes from all over the world striving for excellence. Some turned in the best performance of their lives and came home with a gold medal. Others, some favorites, struggled and saw their dreams slip away. In this session, we'll see how DevOps done right is a lot like the Olympics. If you set reasonable goals, train hard, and execute well, you'll reach DevOps Gold, too. But if you take your releases for granted, you may end up with failure. This session is for developers and operations personnel working toward implementing a DevOps process. You'll learn best practices for achieving DevOps success and how to best implement them in your own company.
Speaker: Dave Roberts, Sr. Director Solutions Marketing, Cloud, DevOps, and Data Center Automation, BMC Software

The Post-Cloud: Where Google, DevOps, and Docker Converge
The cloud technology landscape is shifting. We have a mixture of dead ends and new roads. New concepts like containers, DevOps, PaaS, and more are altering the way we look at cloud computing. Nicholas Weaver will strip away the magic and talk about how these concepts expose the next evolution of private cloud. One that is built on lessons learned by hyperscale companies like Google but attainable by the private cloud 99%.
Speaker: Nicholas Weaver, Principal Architect, Intel Corporation

The Power of a Strong IT Ecosystem
This session will dive into the benefit of a broad and diverse technology ecosystem. As we pursue IT transformation and look to build better, more agile and innovation oriented organizations, we must consider the technology ecosystem as integral to our ongoing success. Gain a better understanding of the value of having immediate real-time access to a strong technology ecosystem. Understand how the ecosystem plays a critical role in the IT organization's ability to transform and become the Agile IT function known more for innovation, than "keeping the lights on" that we all want.
Mark Thiele, EVP Data Center Technology, Switch

Top 5 Mistakes Companies Make When They Move To The Cloud
So, you’re finally going to the cloud, and you think the hard part (the internal debates, politics, and budgeting that have kept you from the cloud to date) is over.  Unfortunately, for most companies, the hard part has yet to begin. While the cloud offers significant advantages, it brings with it significant differences that the majority of organizations seem to ignore at their peril. In this talk, we will cover the five most common mistakes that I’ve seen companies make in over 100 cloud migrations and launches, and talk about the key strategies you can employ to avoid them.
Speaker: Joe Emison, CTO, BuildFax
Working With, Not Against, Developers and Business Units to Succeed in the Cloud
Today, developers and business units are leading the charge to cloud computing. The primary driver: accelerated application life cycles available by using new computing infrastructure, freed from the perceived friction of on-premise computing environments and processes. However, it's not clear that these initiatives observe critical requirements relating to security, legal requirements, and company policy. This presentation will discuss how internal IT can work with developers to enable agility while validating governance requirements are observed. Specific attention will be paid to policy automation, service catalogs, and code management. The end result? Agility and governance combined to achieve success.
Speaker: Bernard Golden, Author, Amazon Web Services for Dummies & Vice President Strategy, ActiveState Software

The Post-Cloud : Where Google, DevOps, and Docker converge.

The cloud technology landscape is shifting. We have a mixture of dead ends and new roads. New concepts like containers, DevOps, PaaS, and more are altering the way we look at cloud computing. Nicholas Weaver will strip away the magic and talk about how these concepts expose the next evolution of private cloud. One that is built on lessons learned by hyperscale companies like Google but attainable by the private cloud 99%.

Nicholas Weaver, Principal Architect, Intel Corporation

Nicholas Weaver, Principal Architect, Intel Corporation

Workshops Powered by Cloud Connect

Cloud Connect brings five in-depth cloud workshops to Interop New York. Choose a Total Access Pass to attend to BOTH the Cloud Connect Summit and the workshops.

Featured Cloud Workshops
Cloud Applications: The Next Generation
Speaker: Bernard Golden, Author, Amazon Web Services for Dummies & Vice President Strategy, ActiveState Software

Designing Infrastructure for Private Clouds
Speaker:Ivan Pepelnjak, Chief Technology Advisor, NIL Data Communications

Making Cloud Storage Work For Your Organization
Speaker: Howard Marks, Contributing Editor, Network Computing

Managing Applications in a Hybrid Cloud World
Speaker: Michael Biddick, Chief Executive Officer, Fusion PPT LLC

Introduction to OpenStack: Enterprise Boot Camp
Seth Fox, VP, Operations, Solinea

David Cope, Executive Vice President of Corporate Development, CliQr Technologies
Francesco Paola, CEO, Solinea, Inc.
Ken Hui, Business Development Manager, Cloud Solutions, EMC
Ken Pepple, CTO, Solinea, Inc.

Cloud Connect Exhibit Zone

The Interop Expo will feature the Cloud Connect Zone, showcasing startup and established cloud companies. Visit the Expo on Wednesday -Thursday, October 1-2 from 11:00 AM-5:00 PM. On Wednesday, join us for Happy Hour from 3:30-5:00 PM.

ExhibitorsBooth #
ActiveState Software 446
Aricent 543
cPacket Networks Inc. 345
Cube Optics 642 549
DriveSavers Data Recovery 444
Esri 539
Hitachi Data Systems Corp. 347
iland 437
Interface Masters Technology 542
Level 3 Communications 436
MangoApps 337
NetSupport 537

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