Cloud Computing and Big Data

Over the last few years, Cloud Computing has gained publicity and attention across enterprise IT as a means to solve problems and glean efficiencies previously challenging or unattainable through traditional means. Much has changed since clouds were first discussed and both the technology and deployment models have evolved. Whether a cloud is private, public, or a hybrid of both enterprises are deploying solutions at a rapid pace. Clouds offer access to resource models that were difficult or impossible to obtain in the past such as immense computational scale (e.g. big data), elastic flexibility to address traffic spikes (e.g. retail's Black Friday), and cost-effective disaster solutions. This fundamentally altered the consumption and economic models of IT forever.

Interop's Cloud Computing & Big Data track brings together experts, analysts, end users and innovators for three days of sessions on cloud implementation, Big Data technology, security and governance issues, and on-demand architectures. You'll hear from some of the cloud's leading thinkers and get first-hand insight into companies that are building cloud and Big Data solutions today. We'll also chart a course for enterprise IT in coming years, discussing its move up the stack to platforms and services, and out into public infrastructures.

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Track Chair

Steve Wylie
General Manager | Cloud Connect