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Building Your Network for the Next 10 Years

Tuesday, October 1
9:00am – 12:00pm
Track: Infrastructure

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Networking is cool again! After a decade of relative technology stagnation, data center networking has been seen dozens of new technologies emerge to offer new business services. This means more networking, more technology and more things to do.

This workshop is well suited to network architects & engineers who want insights into the technology foundation of the data center network for the next 10 years. This session will particularly focus on the design principles for Private and Public Cloud networking and help understand the difference between "virtual networking" of today and "cloud networking" of tomorrow. This session will attempt to define Software Define Networking so that you can laugh at "software defined” vendors.

This workshop will explore the following:

  • Data Center Fabrics
    • L2 Fabrics - MLAG, TRILL / FabricPath / VCS
    • L3 Fabrics - Leaf/Spine, Juniper QFabric, Cisco Dynamic Fabric Automation
    • Virtual Networking (Legacy)
  • Introduction to Software Defined Networking
    • Controllers
    • OpenFlow, Cisco onePK, SLAX, NetConf
  • Overlay Networking
    • What is Overlay Networking and Why You Want It
    • Tunnel protocols VXLAN, NVGRE, MPLSoGRE,
    • Tunnel Fabrics, Network Agents,
    • Enterprise Security Overhaul
  • Cloud Networking
    • Networking for Virtual/Software Defined Data Centers
    • Programmable Infrastructure
    • Comparing Software-Only and Integrated Overlays


Greg Ferro

Greg Ferro

Network Architect and Engineer, Freelance

Greg Ferro is a freelance Network Architect and Engineer working in the UK. Over the last 25 years or so he has worked across the industry for FTSE 250 companies, and previously across Australia and Asia Pacific. Today, Greg specialises in the design,security and deployment of Data Centres including Network Fabrics, Data Security, Cloud and Internet. He has worked as a consultant for well known companies throughout Asia and Europe and now lives in the UK.

Widely known for his weekly “Packet Pushers Podcast” at where he interviews network engineers, vendors and industry figures on a range of highly technical topics where the motto is “Too Much Networking Would Never Be Enough”.

Greg writes for, is widely known for his blog at where he writes regularly about many aspects of Data Networking.


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