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11 Things You Can Do When You Get Back to the Office to Improve Network Performance

Monday, September 30
9:00am – 12:00pm
Track: Infrastructure

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Theory and great stories are nice, but this class is designed to help you knock out problems you currently have and help prevent problems in the future. In this class I will provide you with step by step processes for doing 11 things that will help improve the performance on your current network. As part the steps to improve network performance, I will cover how to take a structured approach to resolving the network problems identified while going through the 11 things. The topics covered in the class include:

  • Ensuring you are getting the throughput you paid for
  • Eliminating unnecessary network traffic
  • Ridding the network of packet loss
  • Network validation techniques
  • Make sure packets are taking the routes you expect
  • What to do before the problem occurs
  • What not to do when troubleshooting intermittent problems
  • Isolating intermittent problems
  • Formulating a fix
  • Validating the fix


  • Documented procedures for improving network performance
  • Step by step examples of how this has been successfully implemented
  • Network troubleshooting checklists
  • Free and Open Source software required to conduct the testing


Mike Pennacchi

Mike Pennacchi

Owner, Network Protocol Specialists

Mike Pennacchi is owner of Network Protocol Specialists, a network analysis and training company based in Seattle, Washington. His company specializes in analyzing network performance problems for companies throughout the United States. He has taught at Interop since 1997 and has received the event's Instructor Award as highest ranking instructor several of those years. Mike brings his experience as a network analyst into the classroom and assists students in understanding how to fix problems in their own networks.


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