2010 Speaker List

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Photo of Thornton May

Thornton May

Futurist Executive Director, IT Leadership Academy

Thornton May is America's leading CIO career doctor, tirelessly researching the environmental and psychological diseases that destroy IT leadership careers. On the road over 250 days a year making 'house calls' with leading CIOs, Thornton has assembled one of the world's most respected medicine chests of empirically tested job-saving, business-growing remedies in the IT business today.

In addition to career doctoring, Thornton teaches Executive Education at four major universities, writes columns on technology for two leading publications, advises major organizations and government agencies on how to think differently about the future, all the while conducting seminal anthropological field research into technology use behaviors of the various tribes comprising modern society.

Thornton brings a scholar's patience for empirical research, a second-to-none gift for storytelling and a scathingly honest sense of humor to his audiences. His exuberance is infectious. After prolonged exposure you go home and wring the personality out of your clothes. Most importantly you will be refreshed, revitalized and re-armed to win the career wars in front of you.


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