2010 Speaker List

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Marcia Conner

Partner, Altimeter Group

Marcia Conner, Partner with Altimeter Group, works with senior leaders to put collaborative technologies into action. Because the challenges organizations face are too big for individuals or organizations to solve alone, Marcia aligns social strategies with corporate culture to speed innovation, inform decision-making, and invigorate an organization’s value chain. She rises above the rhetoric of “engagement” to connect, streamline, and energize ecosystems for new and dramatically improved results. Research topics often address internal social networks, multi-generation business culture, learning management, and leadership preparedness.

The collaborative tools Marcia uses are naturally relationship-driven, and can equip people to tap the collective brainpower of the larger community in new and extraordinary ways. Online communities, media sharing, microsharing, and content networks introduce ideas in quick bursts, when it suits the flow of work, without a big learning curve.

For enterprise clients, Marcia addresses change readiness and overcomes stymied collaboration with cultural assessments and strategic recommendations. For software vendors, she provides tactical guidance in go-to-market strategies; reviews products for usability, learnability, and adoption; delivers competitive evaluations; and recommends software partnerships. For the broader market, she delivers educational programs to level-set senior teams around what collaboration technologies can offer and when/where they work best.

In every engagement, Marcia translates her corporate experience into the credibility that executives demand. She has confronted and overcome the same pressures and responsibilities leaders face, bringing to bear the agility and advantages of social media. When a strategy runs off course, innovation bogs down or an enterprise-wide system under-performs, Marcia delivers on the promise of new social technology to unleash the way people really think and behave. She overcomes resistance and skepticism with fact-based examples of success. Clients have spanned industries and diverse markets, including Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield, IBM Lotus, Standard & Poors/McGraw Hill, WD-40 Company, Kaplan, and the United National Development Programme.

Her latest book, The New Social Learning: Transforming Organizations Through Social Media, co-authored with Tony Bingham, addresses modern organizational challenges such as widely dispersed employees and striking differences in work styles, particularly across generations. With case studies from Deloitte, IBM, Mayo Clinic, TELUS, Chevron, and even the CIA, Conner shows how social media can transform the workplace by harnessing the experiences of colleagues working across the globe as easily as if they were side by side.


  Building the Business Case for Social and Collaborative Technologies