2010 Speaker List

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Photo of Kfir Godrich

Kfir Godrich

VP & Chief Technology, HP Enterprise Business, Technology Services, HP

Kfir Godrich is Vice President and Chief Technologist for HP Enterprise Business (EB), Technology Services (TS). His role is driving the technology roadmap for HP TS, providing thought leadership that strengthens HPs leadership in field of technology services. Before that role, Mr. Godrich was Chief Technology Officer for HP CFS delivered by EYP Mission Critical Facilities. His expertise is in powering critical infrastructure and complex systems applications and technologies. Over the last 20 years, Mr. Godrich has provided consulting services to global financial, technology and telecom clients, as well as public sector entities. He's been directly involved in the development of the NGDC strategy for more than a dozen of Fortune 50 companies. Mr. Godrich is the leader of HP TS Technology Council.


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