2010 Speaker List

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Photo of Issac Roth

Issac Roth

CEO, Makara, Inc

Issac Amarillas Roth is CEO and co-Founder of Makara. Before founding Makara to solve application management problems for customers moving to cloud and virtualization infrastructures, Issac spent 5 years at Wily Technology, helping to grow the APM leader from a few handfuls of customers through the $375M acquisition by CA, Inc.

His contributions at Wily ranged from fire-fighting critical application problems for the largest companies in the world to leading partnerships with critical development frameworks to creating and scaling technical sales tools and processes to the “intrapreneur” role of growing a nascent business unit at CA from 100k in revenue to over $25M in two years. Prior to Wily, Issac was a founder or early employee of three venture backed enterprise infrastructure startups that in aggregate raised $70M in funding. With a degree from Stanford University in Multimedia Design & Technology, he worked as a software engineer in the earlier days of Cisco Systems, and was the fourth employee of the company that became RedHat.


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