2010 Speaker List

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Brian Butte

Director, Cloud Computing, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

My passion is the application of technology to improve customer service and support. Nothing gives one better insight than hands-on experience. I spent a year working at Disney World on the phone as a reservationist. That experience gave me great, unique insight into the customer experience and how to improve it through the judicious use of technology. I combine a customer centric view with a model driven approach to help clients drive value creation through IT. I have a deep tool bag of technology experience from chip design and operating systems development to embedded systems, enterprise applications and the web and I've worked in every industry vertical. I pride myself on identifying and applying emerging technologies and methodologies well in advance of the hype including: open standards (1992), Ethernet for sensor networking (1993), PC based control systems (1995), Linux (1993), use case analysis (1995), Booch (1995), open source (1996), customer relationship management (1996), LAMP (1996), XML (1997), enterprise architecture (1997), virtualization (2000), and cloud computing (2003).


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