2010 Speaker List

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Bob Friday

Director of Strategic Initiatives, Wireless Networking Business Unit, Wireless, Security & Routing Technology Group, Cisco

Bob Friday is Director of Strategic Initiatives for the Wireless Networking Business Unit of Cisco’s Wireless, Security and Routing Technology Group (WSRTG). Within this group, Friday drives strategic wireless initiatives for the aggressively growing WiFi (wireless LAN) and Borderless Network businesses. He is focused on the trends and transitions in the convergence of WiFi and Cellular networks in enterprise and SP networks, the ecosystem of enterprise mobile app developers and the evolution of 802.11n. Friday’s career has been focused on developing unlicensed wireless networking technology and products. He came to Cisco as the Chief Scientist and co-founder of Airespace, the wireless LAN leader acquired by Cisco in 2004. At Airespace, he leveraged his wireless service provider experience by introducing a centralized controller architecture for enterprise 802.11 wireless networks. He was responsible for location technology, mesh, wireless routing technology, radio hardware development, and radio resource management algorithms. Prior to Airespace, Friday was Chief Scientist at Metricom, a wireless wide area network infrastructure company, and was directly responsible for the performance and capacity of the company’s nationwide wireless wide-area Ricochet network. Friday has been awarded 13 patents and holds a BSEE from Georgia Tech, and a MSEE from San Jose State University.


  Key Advances in 802.11 and Wi-Fi