2010 Speaker List

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Babak Pasdar

President, CEO and Chief Technologist, Bat Blue Corporation

Babak Pasdar, is a 24 year veteran of the technology industry and is recognized industry-wide as an emerging technology evangelist. He has a proven track record in both identifying early stage technologies that address emerging client requirements and building successful technology organizations, Cybernex and IGX Global. Bat Blue is his third successful startup.

He has advised Congress as an expert witness to the Senate Judiciary Committee and the House Sub-Committee on Energy and Commerce on the government warrant-less wiretapping. And has been interviewed by numerous organizations including the New York Times, Washington Post, and CMP, among others.

He is as passionate about technology as he is energetic and has a reputation for his strong grasp of concepts and detailed oriented approach to addressing complex problems. He is especially recognized for his strong and successful track record for handling mission impossible type projects where time and complexity are factors


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