What is InteropNet?

Unique to Interop, the InteropNet is an industry-leading example of a heterogeneous, temporary, volunteer-run network.

The InteropNet provides high-speed network connectivity to the Interop attendees and exhibitors and supports the Expo floor, Conference sessions and wireless access.

The InteropNet strives for 100 percent reliability and zero downtime. In addition, the InteropNet offers unique educational opportunities for the team of volunteers and the networking community at large.


New to Interop Las Vegas, InteropNet will create a lab on the Expo Floor to test Software-Defined Networking (SDN) systems and applications including open source software and vendor hardware and software. Aiming to educate attendees on the principles, functions, and features of SDN concepts and technology, the SDN Lab will test the interoperability of open source and vendor products, and demonstrate SDN concepts in a variety of scenarios.

During hands-on whiteboard sessions, our team of network experts, industry veterans and vendor engineers will use open source and Vendor tools to demonstrate:

  • Networks that adjust to changing workloads and conditions
  • Using SDN to initiate traffic engineering functions such as selectively routing around problem spots, sending traffic to monitoring devices, or routing to multiple Cloud providers based on dynamic network conditions
  • Automated integration between applications and network resources using APIs and controllers

The SDN Lab gives attendees the opportunity to interact in the lab environment.

Learn from the InteropNet

Our InteropNet volunteers share the knowledge they've gained while putting together our best-practices network in classes and on tours of the network itself.

InteropNet Tours

InteropNet Tours begin at the InteropNet Lounge on the Expo Floor
Tuesday, April 28 Tour times will be announced soon.
Wednesday, April 29 Tour times will be announced soon.
Thursday, April 30 Tour times will be announced soon.

InteropNet Classes

InteropNet Classes
InteropNet Classes will be Announced Soon

Become an InteropNet Volunteer Team Member!

Are you an IT student with limited funds or an employee whose company can't send you to Interop? Do you still want to be involved and lend a hand in building an industry-leading, volunteer-run network?

Whatever the reason, you may still be able to attend this premiere event by volunteering in the InteropNet! Apply to volunteer as an InteropNet Team Member (ITM)! There are around 8 positions available, so please fill out the following application form. We will let you know in early spring 2015 if you have been accepted.

2015 Providers

Providers haven’t been selected for Interop Las Vegas 2015 yet. Please contact if you’d like to be a part of this year’s InteropNet.


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