Given the pervasiveness of wireless networks, the proliferation mobile computing and communications devices of all forms, and the fundamental requirement for mobility in all aspects of IT today, it's no wonder that mobility is now at the core of so many IT strategic plans. Just as life without mobility would be unpleasant at best, enterprises and organizations that are not optimizing their application of wireless and mobile technologies, products, systems and services are operating at a distinct disadvantage. Access to information and IT resources on an anytime/anywhere basis is today the key to productivity and advantage no matter what the mission. And the Interop 2013 Mobility Track continues a long tradition of bringing you the most interesting, relevant, and valuable information on wireless and mobile in a fast-paced, informative, and accessible event. You'll learn about the latest technologies, tools, and best practices from the leading experts in the field today. You'll enjoy to-the-point presentations on key IT mobility topics, as well as discussion and debate that will enhance the knowledge of IT management, staff, and specialists at any level in the organization and beyond.

Track Chair

Craig Mathias
Principal | Farpoint Group


Interop Las Vegas Preview