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Virtualization has evolved from an emerging technology to an essential element of IT in a remarkably short time. Conversations have moved from "what" and "why" to "how," as in, "How can we best operationalize and manage virtualization, how do we contain costs, and how can we extend its benefits further into the infrastructure?" At the same time, virtualization continues to evolve; it’s the lynchpin of hyperconverged infrastructure and private cloud deployments, and emerging technologies such as containers are extending the scalability of virtualized environments. Interop’s Virtualization Track assembles experts and practitioners to help you optimize your existing virtualization deployments and prepare to take advantage of the next phase of its evolution.

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Featured Virtualization Sessions
Container Challenges: Know Before You Deploy
Virtual container technology has taken the IT community by storm, and rightly so. Containers can offer improved efficiency with less overhead, faster startup, greater density, improved consistency, and a DevOps-friendly workflow. However, the real-world deployment of containers can entail more than meets the eye: As a major shift in data center architecture, the use of containers will have far-reaching effects. In this session, engineering architect Scott Lowe will explore some of the challenges enterprises should keep in mind when considering containers in their data centers, and give examples from real IT organizations.
Speaker: Scott S. Lowe, Engineering Architect, VMware 
How to Integrate DR Services Into a Virtual Environment
Historically, disaster recovery efforts focused on building tomes of run books that are out of date the moment they are created. The advent of virtualization made this process exponentially more difficult; servers are now rapidly brought online, consume shared disk volumes with one another, and can move around the data center. Is it even possible to protect such a constantly shifting and changing environment? This session will focus on how to properly abstract resources for easier DR efforts, build DR services into your VM creation workflows, and create successful DR tests.
: Chris Wahl, President, Wahl Network, LLC
The Virtual Enterprise: How Far Can It Go?
Virtualization is now a cornerstone of the enterprise. It’s well entrenched in compute and storage, it’s a necessity for private and hybrid clouds, and it’s making inroads on the network. So what’s next for virtualization? This panel will examine the current state of the virtual enterprise and look at new options to extend virtualization into the organization. It will also look at emerging options such as containerization and how this new tech will coexist with traditional VMs, and explore the boundaries of virtualization’s transformation of the enterprise. 
Moderator: Sue Fogarty, Editor in Chief, Network Computing
Guido Appenzeller, Chief Technology Strategy Officer, NSBU, VMware
Jason Nash, Chief Technology Officer, Varrow
Keith Townsend, Technologist/Writer,

The Virtualization Home Lab: Secret to Success
True understanding -- and the IT career advancement that goes along with it -- often requires extra effort. This is especially true in the case of virtualization and other complex technologies, which almost always require a "practice" environment in which to experiment and learn. Infrastructure architect Keith Townsend will provide an overview of the resources and steps to build a home lab for learning virtualization technologies including VMware vSphere, Citrix, and Windows Server. Keith will focus on those looking to advance their careers or get up to speed in the virtualization arena. He will also share tips on self education in general and using the same approach to create development and test environments for three-tier applications.
Speaker: Keith Townsend, Technologist/Writer, 
vSphere Networking for the Network Admin
Virtualization has had a significant impact on networking, and lines that separated the duties and responsibilities between network and server administrators continue to blur. The VMware vSphere platform is most commonly found in large enterprises, and it is important for network administrators to understand how it connects to and works with the data network. In this session, network and virtualization trainer and practitioner Jason Nash will focus on the terms, technologies, options, and best practices for network connectivity with VMware vSphere. Attendees will learn the capabilities and limits they must be aware of when working with the server virtualization team.
Speaker: Jason Nash, Chief Technology Officer, Varrow
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Sue Fogarty

Editor in Chief, Network Computing

Susan Fogarty is the Editor in Chief of Network Computing, where part of her role includes developing content for Interop. She has almost two decades of experience writing and editing for IT professionals, especially those deeply involved in enterprise infrastructure. She previously worked at TechTarget, where she was the Editorial Director of the Networking Media Group, managing seven websites including the flagship Sue has also held positions at PennWell Publishing and Dell managing publications on networking, communications, and enterprise IT. She is a self-confessed ice cream addict, clean freak, and dog lover (if you can guess which of these do not mix, you will understand how she spends a lot of her free time).


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