Software-Defined Networking (SDN) Track

Software-defined networking promises to bring unprecedented scalability, flexibility and automation to networks around the globe.

SDN will better align the network to applications. These are compelling outcomes for businesses and organizations, which is why SDN is attracting the attention not just of IT, but also CEOs and CFOs.

Implementation options are rapidly expanding. Where OpenFlow led the discussions a year ago, it's now part of a more comprehensive conversation. We're now debating the merits of overlays and tunnels like VXLAN, NVGRE, and DOVE, against path controls that include newer technologies like XMPP and trusted techniques like BGP. We've gone from controllers to platforms and now have real examples of both proprietary and open source solutions.

Decision points have shifted from "if" to "when" and include a host of choices around "how." Meanwhile, network architects and engineers have to sift through competing claims over architectures, protocols and pricing models, and decipher a host of new acronyms (OvSDB, anyone?). At the same time, we're all sorting out what these changes mean to not only for our infrastructures, but our jobs and careers. The question everyone needs to answer is how to make our businesses ready for SDN in the most pragmatic way possible.

Interop's SDN track will bring much-needed clarity to a market that is seeing its first deployments and beginning to deliver value. We'll provide essential technology details from independent experts and give attendees access to SDN thought leaders through conference sessions and discussions.

You'll get the tools you need to sort out what SDN means for you and your future.

Featured Software-Defined Networking Sessions
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