Risk Management & Information Security Track

Information Risk and Security continue to be a top of mind for many organizations. High-profile attacks continually demonstrate the capabilities of attackers and our limited ability to defend against them.

All is not lost; many organizations have also begun to realize how to work smarter, not harder in their approach to information risk management and security, compliance, and IT governance. They are equipping themselves with the knowledge, resources, and tools to tip the balance of power away from the adversary and back to the defender.

The Information Security and Risk Management track will bring together some of the industry’s best practitioners and thought leaders to empower organizations with the knowledge and tools to better handle their information risk and security challenges. They will also discuss key concepts, considerations, and technologies that are essential to successfully defend today’s organizations from the well motivated, equipped, and capable cyber adversaries.

Session topics include Vulnerability Management, Mobility, Intelligence, Network Security, Compliance, and other key areas of interest.

Additionally, exciting and thought-provoking sessions on risk and security concepts and technologies and capabilities will be presented. The information risk management-focused sessions will target areas including effective governance for BYOD and Social Networking activities and insider threat considerations. The technically focused sessions will discuss key technology advances such as next generation firewalls and emerging concern in traditional technologies such as DNS.

Topics Include

  • BYOD & Mobile Security
  • Mitigating Insider Threats
  • Malware Detection
  • Network Security
  • Preventing DDoS Attacks
  • Compliance and E-Discovery

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