Mobility Track

Given the pervasiveness of wireless networks, the proliferation mobile computing and communications devices of all forms, and the fundamental requirement for mobility in all aspects of IT today, it's no wonder that mobility is now at the core of so many IT strategic plans. Just as everyday life without mobility would be unpleasant at best, enterprises and organizations not optimizing their application of wireless and mobile technologies, products, systems and services are operating at a distinct disadvantage. Access to information and IT resources on an anytime/anywhere basis is key to productivity and business advantage no matter what the mission today.

The Interop Las Vegas 2014 Mobility Track brings you the most important, relevant, and valuable information on wireless and mobile in a fast-paced, informative, and accessible format.

Topics Include

    • 802.11ac
    • Enterprise Mobility
    • Mobility in Healthcare, Retail & Education
    • Device Trends
    • WLAN Management Tools
    • Professional Development for WLAN Pros
    • BYOD

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