Data Center and Storage

The trend in data centers -providing scalable, agile, dynamic, and virtualized services- should not focus on whether you call them "private clouds" or "data centers done right", but highlight how recent innovation has organizations expecting more from their data centers. IT is stepping up to deliver better services and services. The data center track is designed for data center, application, network, and server managers to get up to speed on how to address the changes. You will find sessions on capacity planning for virtualized loads, building visibility into data center networks, and get up to speed on unified compute platforms.

Storage systems hold the crown jewels of any organizations. Regardless of market sector, no organization can survive or thrive in today's market without reliable storage. The storage track dives into the most pressing set of issues and solutions facing organizations today. How IT stores data is changing with storage virtualization making more efficient use of storage capacity while object based storage ties context to data.

Track Chair

Andrew Conry-Murray
Editor | Network Computing


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