Business of IT Track

Historically IT and “The Business” have been considered separate parts of the organization at times working in tandem and at times in conflict with each other. History, however, proves not to be a reliable predictor of the present and future- in today’s digital age, IT undergirds all business, drives business outcomes, and has approached a singularity with the business. In this sense, the divide between IT and the Business is a false one; this track aims to discuss the convergence points and to place IT in the forefront of key trends in the world of business today.

The large trends on all of our minds- cloud computing, Big Data, BYOD, and Mobile are all hot topics in both the technology and the business arenas. As these trends amplify and connect, the IT Professional and the IT Decision maker are both under enormous pressure to cater to the needs of both the empowered user but also to the security, compliance and privacy needs of the overall business.  The Business of IT Track is meant to provide attendees with both frameworks for how to optimize these trends but also to practically meet the tech-driven business needs of the company. 

We’ve assembled some of the most dynamic IT thinkers and practitioners to both educate and provoke in this Brave New World of technology-driven business.

Topics Include:

  • The Mobile Advantage
  • Internet of Things
  • IT Business Value
  • Marketing of IT – make the CMO your new best friend
  • The Aspirational IT Pro: Getting to CEO
  • Bridges the disconnect between IT and Business Functions
  • Enables IT to play a dynamic and proactive role in the running of the Business
  • Liberates IT from sequestration/silo
  • Connects IT with clear revenue and profit goals
  • Provides clear strategy on optimizing users' changing consumption patterns
  • Delivers solid career advice to aspirational IT Professionals
Featured Leadership Sessions
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