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The IT application ecosystem is going through dramatic transformations with the use of cloud computing and mobility.

Users expect ever increasing and improving application functionality and are intolerant of disruptions to availability. IT leaders and practitioners have the unique opportunity to dramatically improve their ability to influence and enhance business activities and help their organizations meet their goals and objectives through effective application development, deployment, and management. If they succeed they will be the heroes of the organization; if they fail, end users and business units will go around IT to get what they need.

The Applications Track will address the challenges of application governance, deployment, management, and monitoring - both from a technology and business perspective.

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Transforming Data Into Information and Knowledge
Data analytics only matters when it has the ability to drive organizational learning that ultimately impacts strategic planning. While many will be familiar with the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle, this is a tactical way to get work done. Data analytics, on the other hand,  offers the opportunity to take that tactical approach to the strategic level: Opportunity-Implement-Analyze-Optimize. We’ll look at examples from industry, including healthcare, where application of data analytics transforms raw data into information and knowledge that changes the way work is planned, accomplished, and improved. We’ll also provide an overview of the different technologies available to transform reams of raw data into actionable information, and offer tips on how to get a data analytics project off the ground. This session is targeted to both business users and IT professionals who are interested in learning how to take full advantage of data analytics to change their organizations.
-Chris Taylor, Author, Successful Workplace
-Howard Landa, M.D., Program Director and Vice-Chair, The Association of Medical Directors of Information Systems

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