Applications Track

The IT application ecosystem is going through dramatic transformations with the use of cloud computing and mobility. Users expect ever increasing and improving application functionality and are intolerant of disruptions to availability. IT leaders and practitioners have the unique opportunity to dramatically improve their ability to influence and enhance business activities and help their organizations meet their goals and objectives through effective application development, deployment, and management. If they succeed they will be the heroes of the organization; if they fail, end users and business units will go around IT to get what they need. The Interop Las Vegas 2014 Application track will bring together some of the industry’s best and brightest thought leaders, practitioners, and vendors to provide their ideas and experiences on successfully addressing the challenges of application governance, deployment, management, and monitoring. They will also discuss a number of other key concepts, considerations, and technologies that are essential to providing high quality and secure applications. Sessions in the track will cover a broad range of application-oriented topics from both a business and technology perspective. Session topics include migrating applications to the cloud, case studies of application management, and leveraging applications to enhance the services IT provides to the business.

Topics Include:

  • Ensuring real-time performance on IP networks
  • Build or Buy Applications
  • Machine Code
  • Application Performance Management
Featured Applications Sessions
Sessions will be announced late fall. Stay tuned on Twitter by following @Interop.


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