2013 Speaker List

Photo of Martin Casado

Martin Casado

Chief Architect, Networking, VMware

Martin Casado is Chief Architect, Networking, at VMware. He joined VMware in 2012, when the company acquired Nicira. He was Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Nicira.

He received his PhD from Stanford University in 2007 where his dissertation work led to the technology on which Nicira was based. He received his Masters from Stanford University in 2005. While at Stanford, Martin co-founded Illuminics Systems, an IP analytics company, which was acquired by Quova Inc. in 2006.

Prior to attending Stanford, Martin held a research position at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory where he worked on network security in the information operations assurance center (IOAC).


  Keynote - Martin Casado, Chief Architect, Networking, VMware